MEME: The Third

UPDATE: (my new favorite website is

Define SNARKY. But now I have no idea who Dane Cook is?

But this looks good.

Today is Jamie’s Tag. It doesn’t seem to have a name. So I will call it…

Digging Through my Past in Rounds of 4. (Or: crap in my past you really won't care about).

Let’s see…

10 years ago:

My oldest kiddie was in Utero.
I took the subway to work in New York City every day. (And despite what people think, while I was pregnant people offered me a seat nearly every day.)
I saw the Garth Brooks concert in Central Park. (Which was all fine and good, but I’m not a fan, still-it was mighty cool to see THAT many people in one public place.)
We did not have a car. (We sold our cars before moving to Brooklyn, that’s how we paid for our flights at the time, seriously poor.)

5 years ago:

We lived in New Jersey. I had been a stay-at-home-mom for 3 years. And my husband had a 2 ½ hour commute into NYC every day.

I was wavering back and forth about whether to have a third child or not. (I got a knock on the head, and I KNEW I would be having a boy—I gave away all the girl clothes and began buying boy stuff. I got pregnant 3 months later. I found out it was in fact a boy 7 months later.)

I was desperate to move. To leave. To go anywhere. (Selling our tiny house in New Jersey, netted us nearly enough to pay off the massive Law Loans, and we were free to move anywhere we wanted. We chose moving back home. We sold the house, and then husband got the job offer in Utah.)

I had several very close friends at that point in my life, and I truly miss that…and them.


I bought a totally cool black lacey sweater. (I get to go out to a real dinner…with real ADULTS…next week! I’ll take a picture, promise.)

I got a cool new doo. (I added back the highlights I had grown out for the past 6 months…)

Dishes. (I don’t know if this counts, since really it’s daily blah, blah, blah. But grocery shopping is just as boring. And I did that too.)

I made this for dinner. (FAB!) (I have pictures of it here)

Okay Jamie, what is up with the 4th part of this MEME tag? It’s a little schizo? Favorite TV shows? One of these things is not like the other…la, la, la. (Just roll with me and my Sesame Street homies)

TV shows….hmmm.

How about I will tell you my theory instead? I think they come up with terrific ideas for shows and then exhaust the plots for those shows about half way into the second season. And then everything turns into soap operas. (Except the ones that start off that way—I truly hate Desperate Housewives.)

For example.

Loved Picket Fences, but it turned into sappy soap opera about 3 seasons in.

Loved The Practice, till it went downhill and was all about the characters personal lives—stick to the legal stuff we were loving it.

Murder One was terrific. But only the first season, it was awful after that.

And I’ve already said I love ‘House’. So far this season is okay. I keep expecting the soap opera stuff to take over any minute though…

This last part is kind of sappy. What makes me REALLY happy? All the same things as you I suppose.

Banana flavored anything. Like: Ice Cream (chunky monkey is my all time favorite), Laffy Taffy, Snow Cones.

Acoustic music.

My husband’s soft lips.

When my kids ‘get it’. When they understand something; like how long it will take to get to Disneyland. Or that a $100 is a whole lotta money for a doll.

Sorry, just not up to my snarky self while writing this one. Could be that American Idol was on in the background, (ew)? Get this. My 5th grader for required homework had to watch the final American Idol. They plan to vote in class tomorrow to see who will win?? Or, it could be that I was beyond tired. Beyond able to think or smart off or even spell correctly. And for the record, David Archuletta has creepy eyes. There. I’ve been dying to say that for weeks. Oops, that was snarky wasn’t it?


Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

I will agree on David’s eyes. He is so sappy. I hate watching him!

Kaye Butler said...

OMG! I've been saying the creepy eye thing the whole season. I know you don't watch, you know that we do watch! The show last night was kind of sucky. I played with my new lap top, thats how into the show I was!

Love the MEME....what the heck is a MEME?


Jaime said...

Hey, I didn't write the meme, I just passed it along. Thanks for playing, I'm sure you enjoyed every minute of it!
That's a pretty crazy assignment-not one I've ever heard of!
So what's the deal with your snarky fixation? I use that word occasionally and my husband always makes fun of me! I've never used it how you're using it, though.

"I do not think that word means what you think it means." Name that movie. Hint, it was said after "Inconceivable!"

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

But can you name the character that said it, AND his real name? Because if you can, there’s a hint about my blog’s name in there somewhere…

I honestly have no idea what snarky means. The foster care trainer keeps using it in a way that makes me think it means sarcastic. And I’m NEVER sarcastic.

You mean the Am.Idol assignment? I guess there are other grades who have been tracking it all season and using it to make graphs and other math related stuff…? I just want my kids to wait a few years before the Idol worship begins!

Anonymous said...

I love these types of memes - it is so neat to hear about what people were doing before they got to where they are now.

(Did I just say 'neat'?! Apparently I am 6 today. And I love snarky - though I have yet to find a good definition . . . maybe a combination of sarcastic and witty with just a tiny, tiny touch of obnoxious?)

Jaime said...

Indigo Montoya, of course! And his real name Mandy Patinkin. Duh. Ok, I admit, I had to look that last one up to refresh my memory. But the hint? To your blog name? I don't get it.

And after seeing snarky on your definition page...let's just say I have NOT been using the word correctly!

Anonymous said...

Dane Cook is so hot. Loved him in "Dan in Real Life." He got to run away with pigface, who wasn't.

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Dang! Crap. I recognized his face, from the youtube stuff, but not the name. Of course I remember

As for the name of the blog...
hint number two is Stephen Sondheim.

I saw Patinkin sing the song.

(Also loved Patinkin in that FBI drama...what's it called...oh, can't remember right now, it'll come to me just as I type it into google).

Anonymous said...

American Idol as homework??? Wow!

Randy and Staci said...

Hi there. Post the salmon recipe, will you? Or tell me where you found it? I couldn't find it, if you did post it.

I'm very uncool. I've only watched two (I think)episodes of American Idol ever - the year Carrie Underwood won. Sorel's teacher would have had to tell me when it is on. I have no idea who creepy-eyed David is . . .

Love the flash back in time. I even remember how miserable you were in 2003! I remember when Randy started the NYC commute, he thought it was so great because he could read on the train. But . . . it got old fast. Walking, waiting, train ride, waiting, subway ride, walking . . . Reverse it for the way home. Randy got really skinny from all the extra exercise. My favorite part of the whole thing was the NYC schedule. (I'm being sarcastic here) He never walked in the door before 8:15.

Don't forget to post the recipe!

Jocasta said...

Are you lucky enough just to get American Idol? They must be really cheap to buy because NZ TV is idol crazy - American Idol, World Idol, Australian Idol, UK Idol of course NZ Idol! The funny thing about NZ Idol is that they don't sell enough records so there is no record sponsorship anymore - they give away cars instead!

I'm so over the idols!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I don't watch American Idol, so I have no idea. I think they're all creepy.

I loved The Princess Bride. I still love The Princess Bride. Its the ONLY movie that EVER made me want to be a princess. I was a total tomboy, so that's saying something. What exactly its saying, i'm not sure, but i'm sure its saying something.

I loved this Meme, too. You make meme's fun. lol. When i do them I snort alot while i'm typing....

Jaime said...

Maybe you should meme more often. You're really good at it and people liked it! So there!:)

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!