Overheard, the next installment.

I can’t keep up with him. I try to write down the funny things he says. But he’s pretty much living in a world of 4yrold-speak. And it’s a funny little world most of the time.

Here’s one right after he had finished up in the bathroom. He’s waddling out still pulling up his pants. His boy briefs are already up.

TK: There’s a hole right in my underwear!
Mom: Oh really? What’s it for?
TK: When you have a scratchy right on your penis, then you can stick your finger in there and scratch it!

(I couldn’t make this up.)

TK: (on mother’s day) What are we doing for a Happy Mother’s Day?
This was even after all the kids had put on a fashion show for me AND helped to set up a ‘romantic’ dinner (for FIVE)! (That’s true mother love isn’t it?)

After his 1st buzz cut of the season, Dad comes home and rumples his hair.
TK: Don’t do that! You’ll mess up my hair!

In the car with his Dad. Dad is talking to him and asks him a question and there’s no reply from the backseat. Dad asks again. Again, no reply. Finally Dad gets TKs attention.

Dad: What’s up? Why aren’t you answering me?
TK: I was watching the lights on the radio. I couldn’t hear you because my ears were turned off!

And the last one (for now).

TK: Hey Mom, after our dog dies….can we get a guinea pig?

(Uh…We Have A Cat!)?

PS. I fixed the broken link below for the ginger salad...thanks Jamie.


Randy and Staci said...

I LOVE it! Welcome to my world!


Classic MaMa said...

:) That's funny, my kids ask after their guinea pig dies, "can we have a dog?" Kind of morbid that our kids are planning to replace animals that are still alive. Glad they don't do that with me. At least I don't think they do...

Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

I love all the sayings! They are classic. What a great idea to right them all down.

angie said...

Love the "ears turned off" one! Keep these installments coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm in my mid-30s and only now have I realized exactly what that hole in my underwear was for. I just thought it was "breathability" all these years.

Jill said...

I really like the one about the ears being turned off. Keep that one and use it on your kids later ;0)
My son thought the hole in the underwear was a pocket. I told him it was called a fly and he said "Oh, so you use it for catching flies?"

Kids have an interesting view of the world.

Jaime said...

Kids are so funny. My 4 year old cracks me up, too! It's good you write it all down:)

G's Cottage said...

Loved the one about the ears being turned off. My daughter found a pair of ear posts when she was in 7th grade that one said "in" and the other said "out."

Elizabeth said...

My Daugter prayed...Dear God why do I only have one cat...I wanted two. He's only six months old and we ahven't had a pet in YEARS!
Blessings, EJT
Stop by for some cute Three year old-isms, at my blog!

Threeundertwo said...

My son used to say his ears were turned off. Then while we were driving, he would sometimes say his ears were back on. I finally figured out that as we drove down the hill from our house, he could feel his ears pop.

But I really do think little boys (and bigger boys) actually turn their ears off sometimes.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!