Enough of the white stuff already!

I barely made it home....again. Yesterday's blizzard white out of a snow storm was bad enough, especially the way it snuck up on me while I was out--bam in the middle of the day. We have not felt like we needed an SUV these past years while living back in Utah. (I drive a very comfortable, very mommy, very American Chrysler mini-van thank you very much) I'll admit it, we even poked a little fun at all the massive truck-suburbans on the road. NOT ANYMORE. Tonight again, this storm blew in (I swear) in the 15 minutes it took me to get to dance to pick up the mini-ballerinas. I attempted to avoid the steepest parts of the drive back home. But at the end I couldn't avoid it. We live on some low foothills of the Salt Lake Valley. And the last hill before my road is always the worst until it is snowplowed. Now I don't care what you say, in 15 minutes there ain't no snowplows no way out on the one road I need. And of course with the ballet troupe of 7 year olds in the back, arguing over whether Hannah Montana's real name is Miley Cyrus or not (And yes, that is another post) I have to drive further up the hill to one of the girls' home. I had to inch the last 20 yards to that turn with my hazards on. And I will be reliving in my nightmares the part where I had to back track and come back DOWN the same stretch of hilly road, trying to keep it under 10 miles per hour to get home. Holy wow, slick.

I walked in the door and expecting a fight, I told 10yrold that the roads were awful and I didn't dare go back out for her dance class. Her response, 'alright'. I guess she wasn't too bummed.

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Amz said...

Same here...never thought I needed an SUV until this winter. I've been stuck so many times...I just dread it when I see the white stuff comin' again!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!