Daylight Savings Woes

This is an email I received early Sunday morning from my traveling spouse. It's sent from a blackberry, hence the quick sentences.

I'm at airport and flight is on time. Didn't get much sleep--the people in the room next door were engaged in a lengthy discussion that sounded like a Jewish mother disciplining her adult son over something. Over many things. Plus I shouldn't have napped. Plus I was worried about daylight savings time. The clock in the hotel, I figured out, could not be adjusted but there was a switch underneath it to adjust automatically for daylight savings. It did. In fact, I watched it turn over from 1:59 to 3;00 am. That was a first. I out-thought the Blackberry-- I manually adjusted it ahead and promptly at 2 am it automatically advanced an hour. So now it was 2 hours ahead. Had to manually undo it. Meanwhile someone at Verizon was asleep at the switch - if I'd relied only on my phone alarm I'd have been screwed. After the clock alarm went off, I checked the phone and it had NOT automaticallt adjusted. It was the only device I thought would be fine. Think again. How the heck the hotel alarm clock knows today is DST I'll never know. At some point on the drive to EWR the phone did however switch over. Proabably needed a new cell tower because while in the hotel I turned it off and then on again a few minutes later but it was still stick on standard time. All interesting, I know. Uneventful cab ride. Guy drove fast and it took 25 minutes. Lots of wind here this morning. Flights to Atlanta are delayed 3 hrs but the others are still on time. Having an untoasted plain bagel with hard butter for breakfast. And a diet Pepsi out of a fountain, my FAVE. Waiting for the newsstand to open so I can pick up a Sunday Times. Will email again before departure.


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Krio Tity said...

Hey Carissa,

I like you blog. I've found that blogging really therapeutic because I can vent and share silly stories about my life.
How are the children? Please say hello to Boyd for us.

jestina (Paul, Esther & Yan)

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!