The little sprout that went up a hill and came back down...uh, you get the picture.

I love sprouts. But....

The other day I bought a small container of sprouts. (I had a hard time finding one that wasn't too produce-moldy smelly though). 7yrold saw me adding some to my salad and nearly had a fit. She dished up her own salad and insisted on some sprouts. I was seriously pleased to see one of my kids turn into a sprout lover. (I loved them as a kid, especially fresh when my mom grew them). Of my 3 kids she is the only one who has been a true veggie lover. The other two...fuggetaboutit! Aargh.

The only problem was that the sprouts from the store were slimy and brownish by about the third day, and we hadn't finished them yet! I thought, sheesh I want to grow my own, see if they aren't better and last longer than this!
When along came a post from a blog I've been sneaking into a lot lately....

The Crazy People Next Door
Written by my new best friend ‘Yes, My Name is Arizona.

Maybe it's the cool blog name....? Anyway, there it was-- the exact information I needed literally on the day I was thinking it! Don't you just love the internet?

A couple days later I found the website Arizona had suggested, (for a Back to Basics--Kitchen Garden, $10-12) and after ship/taxes it was $21 (and change) --I hate paying shipping(!) (included 4 tablespoons of seeds). I called around to the local health food stores and the only sprouters they had were $32... ah well, back to the internet.

I found the same item at (don't laugh) '', for $24 after shipping. However I spotted a notice that they would beat competitors prices? What the heck, I tried it. And get this...they got back to me and beat the first place by $1.50(and their own price by $5). That's worth it to me, easier than clipping a coupon, eh? It gets better though, I received the sprouter in less than 24 hours? (There happens to be a warehouse just over the hill from my humble house.) The moral?

Don't laugh at a store called, selling seed-sprouters.

Here's pictures of my babies, I started them out right away. Now if you'll pardon me, I have a sandwich to dream about...

Twenty-Four hours.

48 hours, aren't they cute little worms?

I'll post more photos as they grow, I was too impatient to wait to post this!


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

That's so awesome! I'm glad beat the price! I hate paying shipping, too, but sometimes you just gotta. Your sprouts look awesome, too.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Oh, and thanks for the new site (kitchen clocks) of my uncontrollable impulse buys are clocks!!! I have cuckoo clocks, kit kat clocks, singing clocks, dinging clocks, you name it..... i love them! So why is it i'm late for almost EVERYTHING?

Daisy said...

I love summertime because I have herbs growing on my deck and fresh lettuce in the garden. I don't know if I have room in my kitchen for a planter -- my kitchen is tiny. Love the idea, though!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!