April Fool's Stories?

Anyone have any good April Fool's Day stories? We don't have any fabulous funny tricks this year, but in the past...

We changed out the 7yrold's clothing in her drawers with her older sister's clothes.

The girls and I made breakfast out of 'fake' breakfast foods for dad. (We used vanilla pudding as the white of an egg and 1/2 of a peach slice as the yolk.)

And the best story I have is that I met my husband on April Fool's day 1993. We were both invited to a 'surprise' birthday party. None of us upon receiving the invitation realized it was set on April Fool's day. We were in college and believed we were to keep the party a surprise from the birthday boy. The day came and we all showed up, and the birthday boy was VERY surprised. Because of course it was not his birthday and the 'party' was staged by the person who had sent the invites. We were all 'had'. That person showed up with games and treats and the real party began.

And I kept wondering who that funny guy was that I had never met before...turns out he was my husband and I just didn't know it for 10 more months!

I found a few April Fool's posts.
The funeral home one wins. Kaye Butler
This is a close second. Debra

And honorable mention:
Your birthday is on April Fool's. Angie


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

We were going to tell our families that I was pregnant with another set of twins...but then we realized it really wasn't that funny. lol!

angie said...

These are so funny. I love the story about you meeting your hubby.......how did you find the stories, anyway? Just curious if it was an interblogger link or a google search since I know Arizona and Debra.

Good & Crazy said...

Arizona was first, it was the sprouts that really hooked me and then I just lurked around all her commentor's posts.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!