Deana's Story

I have this amazing friend. She’s like a mythical creature. The kind of person who can see through you. Do you know someone who always has something kind to say about you before you can get out a decent greeting? She is that kind of person.

I once was with her and we were walking into the YMCA together. At the front desk was this grumpy old man. On this day he was particularly cranky. The kind of ornery where you avert your eyes and pray that he doesn’t see you kind of ornery. I did exactly that. But not Deana. Oh, noooo. She practically assaulted the man attempting to reach over the counter and through the partition in order to give him a hug?! A Hug? I was afraid he might then hurt her. Instead…he began crying. Weeping. She could tell (with her x-ray mind powers) that he was very upset, sad kind of upset, not just the usual grumpy old man. (Which is of course all I saw). He breaks down and begins a very long story about how his wife was very ill, and had died 3 months ago to the day. Yup, I’m the complete cow at this point. Plus, now I’m feeling all weird cuz I don’t know what to do or say? I can’t bring myself to hoist on up over the partition for a hug like she did. I manage instead to slither away off to the emotional safety of the locker room, where no one talks to you no matter how upset or ornery.

(Well, except for Deana, she talks to anyone, naked or not).

I usually describe her as my cheeky British friend, and I do love her accent. She says things like ‘Oooh that would be lovely’, when you’ve just asked her out to lunch. And she describes food as ‘gorgeous’. And tea…well, that’s a given. We would have tea sampling nights at her house, but I only came for the ‘Digestives’.

(I never failed to point out to her that in America it’s funny to eat food named after the digestive tract).

But the most amazing thing about this fabulous friend of mine is that when I first met her, she and her husband had already adopted two children. And she made it clear to anyone she met that they were looking to adopt more, 'God-willing'. (‘They don’t seem to be coming through me, but I know they are out there’, is how she would express it.) Their first child was adopted through the foster care system in Arizona, and the other child she ‘found’ through a friend who had a sister that was only 23 and on her 5th(!) child. This woman had nearly given up her 4th child and Deana was able to work with her and make an agreement about a very open adoption of this 5th child. Long story short. Deana was in the delivery room, was the first to hold the baby, and within about 2 months (and lots of hormones) was nursing (yes NURSING) that baby!

Fast forward a few years of her life, and two more adopted children (another through foster care, and another through her church’s adoption program) these last two under a year apart in age, she now had 4 children under the age of 5! Whoa. And since life likes to throw dirt clods at you, within 2 months of adopting the 4th child, my friend was pregnant herself. That would make 5 children under the age of 6. Oh my.

Oh did I mention her husband was finishing up med. school at this point? Yes, MEDICAL SCHOOL, as in never see my husband kind of school. (Believe me, law school ain’t got nuthin’ on life in med. school). And what comes after med. school? That’s right. A surgery residency. Think Grey’s Anatomy, without all the sex in the supply closet, with 5(!) children. If she and the kids didn’t see him during med. school, then he doesn’t EXIST during the residency.

Remember what I said about my friend being a mythical creature? I wasn’t kidding. She is the onlyest person I’ve ever met, who could possibly pull off what she does on a daily basis. She saves stray cats; she has the heart of a giant, and apparently doesn’t need any real amount of sleep to function! I just got off the phone with her Sunday night, and she told me she can ‘feel’ 2 more children (at least!) out there. Now that is an amazing giant, and a very real person.

Deana with her 4 oldest children. I think she is about a month pregnant here.

What is my point? My friend Deana doesn’t have enough on her plate. She is compiling a book (a book?—I’m exhausted just typing her legend!) of adoption and foster care stories. Besides her own fairy-tale story, she has assembled over 20 other adoption and/or foster tales. And she would like to gather at least 50.

I am asking you if you have one (or to ask your friends) if you/they would be willing to share their adoption story with her. You can use my contact info (above left on my blog), and I will forward it on to Deana.

Here is the letter she has written:

Dearest friends

I'm writing to you at this time to ask for your help in writing and compiling a book on inspirational adoption stories.

As most of you know I have had some amazing experiences myself. I am sharing my thoughts and feelings and the joys these children have brought. I would like this book to be a bridge for those who feel hopelessness, sadness, anger and confusion to take the leap of faith towards adoption, so they can have the family they dream of. I hope this book will make a difference in many peoples' lives through all of these amazing heartfelt stories.

I am also writing this for all of the children in the world today who long for parents to hold them, read to them and tuck them into bed and hear the words, "I love you!" These are God's children just waiting to belong to a loving family.

These stories will clearly show God's love for all of us and how His hand guides us. I am asking if you know anyone who has adopted, are birth parents or who grew up as an adoptive child. Inviting them to share their story would make such a difference.

These stories will be a comfort to others to safely walk into the unknown joys of adoption.

For those of you who are adoptive parents and know exactly what I am talking about, just pause for a moment and think back to how you felt and the miracles that followed. I know everyone is busy and time is precious. Please try to carve out a little time for this.

When this book is published a portion of the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization benefiting children in need.

I believe in my heart that God knows his children and He wants to bless us. It takes great faith to trust in His ways and not ours. May God bless you and inspire you to share.

Thank you,

Deana Coreen


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I worked as a paralegal for an adoption attorney for a year, so I got to witness the adoption process up close. It is a grueling process, so that your friend has gone through it so many times and not given up is wonderful.

Scribbit said...

I agree with the previous comment and your friend sounds amazing--well, mythical is the right word for it for sure!

angie said...

Wow. She sounds AMAZING......everyone should have a friend like her!

Daisy said...

She sounds amazing -- I'm sorry, it's the best word!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know what you mean about Deanna. She helped me through a dark patch after I had my first miscarriage. She's a great person to know.

Anyway, Paul's cousins in Provo adopted four children - three African American girls and a boy from China. They have a great story. I'll ask them if they would mind telling their story.

mrs. r said...

is she still accepting stories? i run an adoption blog and know many that would be willing to share.

let me know.

the r house at gmail dot com


Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!