Design Disaster and a Do Over

More bag talk here (tune out if it gets boring).

I had this great plan to make a pink and brown medium sized tote bag. I have some great pink/brown stripey fabric. But then I had a devil of a time finding a matching brown. I found something, but it's not great...

I went ahead anyway. Going for a two tone look. And a third fabric for the lining. I am astounded at just how awful it came out.

Talk about Blah.
Time for a redesign.

I liked the daisy-dot fabric better than the plain brown at the bottom by a stretch. And it needed more of the contrasting bottom showing, don't you think? And how about pink webbing as handles, running partially down the bag? I went through a better design process this time. Like putting a puzzle together...but how do you stitch down the handles to the Outside, and still keep it clear of the upper lining/outside seam? It's hard, that's how.

I liked the feel of this one MUCH better. And the daisies are playful, even whimsical (I only put that adjective in because my husband HATES that word).

Here it is finished, I'm happy now.

Sorry about the blur, it's late and the Jazz lost.

But I liked it so well, I made another one.

How's that for some whimsy?


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

THey're both gorgeous! I love the fabric choices. The brown one wasn't so bad, but yep, I like the flower polka dot fabric better, too.

Jaime said...

I think they look great! As for the Jazz, at least they made it exciting, eh?

michelle said...

Two cute bags! How talented.

I sew - but require some sort of pattern to follow.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!