Happiness is...

A Family Hike.

I swear this is not posed. I took this yesterday on a break during our walk.
It truly shows each of their personalities.
And it made my Mommy-day. What do you think, Christmas card worthy?
I entered this in a photo contest, you can enter too! (And you don't need a blog, but you do need a camera.)
Go to 5minutesformom.com.


all about me said...

Love the photo! I've been feeling really bad that I didn't buy the pirate headband so maybe if you still have it I could get it from you??? We are coming out May 9. Also I know alot of people read your blog, was wondering if you would post my new vinyl blog? theultimatedesign.blogspot.com Abby

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

That's priceless! Great photo and yes, I'd totally use it for a christmas card!

angie said...

This is an awesome photo!

Good & Crazy said...

Thanks, Cuz if it gets picked as one of the top 15, I will need everyone, and everyone's friends to vote for me/it!!!

We could throw one heck of a party with that $1000!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!