I locked my kid in the car once.

It was a long time ago. My oldest was 2. I had only been a SAHM for 6 months, quite the failure wasn’t I? It wasn’t a hot day and I had just handed her a sippy cup full of juice.

I realized the second I closed the door that it was locked…AND that my keys were right there ON THE SEAT, right in plain sight. Okay. WAAAAY before cell phones. I seriously began to loose it. My kid? Hardly noticed anything was amiss. She was happy all buckled up nice and TIGHT, no way she could get out on her own…that’s the point with those seats, right? I was in the library parking lot, and my dilemma began. I needed to go make a phone call, but sheesh, I would have to leave her there, alone. With out me!

I finally decided to run inside. (oh please don’t let any scary people break into my car, with the keys in plain site, with my KID inside…)

I called the police. They said they were on their way. The library ladies were sympathetic, but not about to run out and help me. I went back out and waited maybe 5 minutes. By now my kid had finished her juice and could tell something was not right? Why do you keep looking at me from OUTside the car mommy? Just get in already, mommy?

I ran back inside. This time to call my husband. He was 20 minutes away, but had the extra set of keys with him. He left immediately. I called the police back. They said, we’re on the way. (What? Stop at Dunkin Donuts along the way?)

And nearly 20 minutes of my life drained away while stressing and waiting for them to get there. My baby was VERY upset by then, talk about helpless mommy syndrome.

The police made it first, and had the car open in exactly 5 seconds.

My husband pulled in about 3 minutes later. What a mess I was. My little girl got over it all pretty quick. (Hey Dad’s here! What a treat!)

I honestly thought the police were going to take me down to the station in cuffs. I would have entered a Guilty Plea of Horrible Mommy, Throw Away the Key.

It passed, we all recovered. And I haven’t repeated my car child abuse episode since. (oh gosh, knock on wood!) And I now realize that pretty much everyone has either done this exact thing…or something like it.

It turns out that it was my neighbor’s turn yesterday. In her case, her wireless key fob stopped working. It would lock the vehicle (with baby in it) but wouldn't UNlock it. She borrowed a cell phone and called a locksmith (at the suggestion of the cell phone Good Samaritan). She called 1-888-POP-OPEN. Pop-A-Lock . In less than 10 minutes they were there and opened her vehicle for FREE! The nice man said it was a ‘community service’ they provide. Wow, a big thank you from all of us moms!

It's not that she didn’t stress and all… but let’s just compare those 20 minutes of my life to the dissimilar 10 minutes of hers? I lost at least 5 years of my life due to my freaking out. I choose life today WITH cell phones.

I keep hearing that the police will not help you unlock your car, I don’t know if that’s true or not (they were slow—but they helped me?) But now you know. If you lock your kid in the car; your friendly Pop-A-Lock dudes will help you for free. You’ll still be a horrible mommy, but it’s a well frequented club.

Please, everyone be careful when the temperatures get high, forgetting your keys is one thing, forgetting your kid is another.


Jaime said...

I totally did this when my oldest was a baby. He was only in there maybe 7-10 minutes and holy cow I felt so awful! I was crying long before he started! I'm not sure on the police thing- I heard they will only respond if there is a child in the car. So, so sad about that Kearns baby.

angie said...

Did you visit my blog when I posted about one of the twins (can't remember which now)locking himself in the van recently?

randystaci said...

Randy locked Austin in a rental car when he was 3 months old. Fortunately it was October and the weather was nice. It was my first experience as a mother that I learned I could go completely hysterical. I always thought of myself (up until that point)as never being one to lose it. We called the police and a locksmith. Prior to the call I went in and found a huge wrench to bust the window in with. I was FURIOUS that Randy did not think that was a good idea, and how dare he not let me use it. The police arrived first for us too, and the locksmith arrived while the policeman was still working on getting our baby out. I had such a tear stained face that the locksmith took pity on us and charged us nothing, instead of the double time fee he was supposed to charge just for showing up. (It was a Sunday evening.) Austin was retrieved with a huge poopy diaper, but was otherwise in good spirits. The only tears were from me!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!