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That’s enough of the serious, upsetting, give you reason to cry posts.
I’m back to light and fluffy thanks.

I hate gas prices. I know. You hate them too, right? And no, I don’t have anything factual to add to the blogosphere on the woes of high gas prices. Oh, well. I’m adding this anyway.

Is it a terrorist plot? To cripple the evil western empire by withholding gas and artificially inflating the cost of a barrel of oil, thus sending our economy into deep freeze? Maybe it’s the auto manufacturers? They could make more efficient engines, but refuse to as it would eat into their profits? Should I even open the can of worms called Deranged Americans Driving SUVs? I should call it: Hummers are just plain irresponsible. Who thought up the great idea that a family of 3 should drive around in a bus-sized Jeep? (In the jungles of New Jersey no less?)

I have no idea. All I Know is that I needed to head out to my parent’s this past weekend. It’s a 3 hour drive. And it cost me $80 round trip. Now I love my family and all, but…once it starts to cost me upwards of a plane ticket to hump out to the sticks, my love my not be enough to get me there. (Can you hear the country song in that last line?)

I need to get a night job in order to afford to see my loved ones.


United Studies said...

Oh girl, do not get me started on gas prices!! There are actually several factors, too many to mention here. But what gets my blood boiling is that we are paying $400/gallon, yet over in the Middle East they are paying 50-cents a gallon!! Literally, I kid you not. And China is worried because the prices have gone to around 75-cents.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I undestand. I have to make a trip to panguitch this summer I am saving my pennies now.

Kaye Butler said...

The one comment that gets everyone's feathers up where I work is this...(please remember that I joke)....I think that the gas prices are high because President Bush owns all the oil in the Middle East. He is going to be out of a job soon, so...he's getting big money to pump their money into oil futures to save up for his retirement.
People around here do not think thats funny. I do. Why? Its starts discussions that last all day and I get out of a lot of needless work.
My husband came up with this Bush thing, I think he believes it.
I drive a Chevy Venture Extended Van, it cost $98 to fill it up now, when I bought it 1 year ago, I could fill it up for $50. The only plus side, is that my van is paid for. I couldn't save money if I bought a new hybrid.

My sister-in-law says that she doesn't buy a car for the gas mileage, she buys the SUV because it fits her family. They are all very tall.

Other people buy them because of over weight and can't fit in the smaller cars...My answer is this lets all get skinny (myself included) and we can drive smaller cars, eat less, buy smaller clothing, live in smaller houses, use less water, george cutting back on everything and save money. Sounds like a plan no one can stick with.

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Butlerfamily - you crack me up :)

When I lived in Europe around 10 years ago, gas prices were already roughly $4.00/gallon and up. That's why the populace of most european nations have rallied behind the development of public transportation. Gas prices are killing us, too - I don't even want to say what my husband's daily commute is costing us... But rather than just cry, my question is, why aren't we rallying for better public transport? And I'm not talking about adding on more crappy bus lines to the already existing crappy bus lines - I mean light rail, trains, underground, etc.... I think we all have to start thinking differently about how we get around, because the days of big government subsidies on gas are about over. Frankly, the days of gas itself are numbered (within our lifetimes, certainly). So shouldn't we start thinking ahead? Shouldn't we start preparing something for our children?

As a sidenote, many public policy economists are saying that "brick & mortar" infrastructure projects are one of the major answers to our economic woes - wouldn't constructing some major public transport count?

Anonymous said...

(1) What's your day job?

(2) I think the U.S. should start billing Iraq for the costs of the war and reconstruction effort -- and if it so happens that Iraq has to pay us in oil, so be it.

(3) Congress needs to relax restrictions on exploration and construction of new refineries.

(4) We need more -- and more useful -- mass transit. Employers have got to encourage use of mass transit, and not just by paying for a transit or bus pass.

(5) In the short-term, government entities are one (many) of the highest and largest consumers of oil and gas in the country (federal, state, county, city, etc.) Without touching emergency personnel (fire, police, ambulance), these government entities should quietly ground their fleets for 3-4 days at a time, across the board. I would love to see if less demand really would have an impact on the price at the pump, and government is so large that only it can make a difference, if done in a coordinated fashion.

(6) Just like with cigarettes and liquor, there should be "sin" tax -- more like a use fee that is imposed yearly at re-registration time -- on all vehicles which don't get at least 20 MPG according to existing EPA standards. There are too many single drivers on the road in gas-guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks, and in my view they should pay for the privilege. (They also do more damage to the roads than other vehicles because of their weight, so the tax makes sense -- let the abusers of the roads pay more.)

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

I guess this one gets others' goats as much as it gets mine? Maybe it wasn't such a light and fluffy one after all?

I totally agree with Melissa, Mr. Bush--where is the transit system in America!??

And to Kaye, how about they give out STEEP discounts for buying a hybrid?? Cuz I can't afford one either!

And to Mr. Anon.
1) What do you mean, day job? Can't you tell I'm a mom blogger? It takes up nearly 12 hours of my day!

And 6) A sin tax, eh? I'm okay with that? Those with big families would probably take offense, but I'm sure a loophole could be worked out??

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

When we were in Greece we paid $2.50 for a LITER. That's almost $10 a gallon. So, things could be worse. We've had low gas prices for a long time here in the states. I agree about the Hummer comment. THe only people who should drive large vehicles are those who have large families to drive around. And there should be hybrid minivans. It is absolutely ridiculous that there are no hybrid minivans. We should also be using vegetable oil for diesel engines. God knows there's enough waste veggie oil from McDonald's alone to fuel half of america....

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Isn't it funny how those who make rude and contrary comments do it anonymously?

And this comment:
"(3) Congress needs to relax restrictions on exploration and construction of new refineries."

tells me "anonymous" isn't interested in long-term solutions to the world's energy crisis. Maybe he/she is one of Bush's!

KJ said...
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Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!