Picture Prose

And a Question....

TK honestly wanted to leave the house like this. And he wanted his picture taken.

Nearly Sunset.

TK looked up from his computer game and says to his dad. "Why do you have that Wal-Mart shirt on Dad?". We still have no idea what he was talking about?
And to prove my couchness.

Here's the question:
Costco's Kirkland Brand Frozen Lasagna?

It's late, I promise I'll explain in the morning.
My choice? Breakfast Burritoes.

Here's the explanation: Some fabulous and loving friends took great care of us during my couch recovery! (Thanks for caring). We knew a dinner was on it's way for Saturday night and to prepare for Sunday's food intake the Hero Hubster picked up a frozen lasagna (Stouffer's). And sure enough that generous Saturday night dinner? A frozen lasagna from Costco! We happily devoured it. But then on Sunday (remember this would be Father's day...the one I failed at) Seth just couldn't make another one. He opted for 'breakfast burritoes'. He made them from scratch and I think the kids liked them way more than any frozen lasagna!



United Studies said...

Ummm....I really do not like frozen lasagna, but if I could not make the real stuff, I'd have to say Stouffers. Never had Kirkland brand.

Threeundertwo said...

Stouffers, unless the Kirkland has less sodium.

Nice pedicure you got before the surgery.

And I love your little rapper.

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

I have never tried Kirkland, but I love Stouffers! I don't make homemade lasagna. I do wish I knew how too. Maybe one day I will grow up and learn how!

Claremont First Ward said...

Hey, your toe nails are even painted!

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog...it is a strange story...I will admit that...I will have to check out that book..of course having lived with and around Mean and Awful people...I'm not sure NOW is the right time...hmmm

Kaye Butler said...

TK already has the perfect initials for a rapper. TK from the UT! I'm impressed that Super Hubby bought frozen dinner! S- Hubby would have brought cereal home for himself and the girls, or asked his mom to cook!

Love those toes. YARM13YOL can come paint your toes with polk-a-dots if you want her to.

Jaime said...

I like stouffers. I've never had the Costco one.
My husband makes an awesome lasagna!

Kellan said...

I love the backwards ball cap - cute picture - cute boy!!

I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet you. Hope to see you soon.

OHmommy said...

So cute... he wanted you take a picture. Adorable.

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh I see what you mean about the lasagne question. Good ol' Coles brand suits us fine, especially if it means Mummy doesn't have to cook. (Sorry I can't comment on brands from the US, but again, if Mum doesn't have to cook ...!)

Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment.


Bonnie the Boss said...

I guess you take what you can get. My hubby fixed his own stuffed pork chops for fathers day. I felt awful. Plus, I wasn't allowed to drive, so I didn't get him anything.

Unknown said...

LOL on the walmart shirt comment. :)

Laurie said...

So I am a new poster and I have to know how bad the surgery is. I was told I need the same thing done. Are you having it done to both feet?

Anonymous said...

So, what happened to your foot? Is it healing ok?

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!