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Moving at the Speed of Life
Jacki is the hostess with the mostest on this one.

It’s sad, I honestly can’t remember how I ‘met’ Jacki?
If you remember please share?

I’ve enjoyed talking with jacki through her blog and emails. I’ve even talked to her husband (cool photoblog…there I go again with the photo addiction).

They just got back from a family trip to Denmark! Jea-EAlous! I love the windy beach pictures from this post.

And this dog post is great... And oh my heck, cute kid pics here... Go on. Tell her Carissa sent you.

The Zoo

Bonnie is the Boss over her world. She has 5 kids and none of them are twins for a change, eh?

She’s a funny lady and I’ve ‘known’ her almost from the beginning. (I’ve only been doing this blog thing for 6 months.) We bonded over GetThatOutOfYourMouth and I especially like the nicknames she has for her kids.

I almost got to meet her….but in the end she didn’t want my craptastic piano after all…

I’d still like a meet and greet. (And I think it might happen! All you Utah mom bloggers! Head’s up, let’s do do lunch before I ditch this joint?—more on that later).

Back to Bonnie the Boss. Funny lady. And she's inspired me more than once. Here's one I out and out copied. And I swear I never called them Gorilla poops? And the poor girl has had a bit of a rough one with hearing loss and vertigo. So go visit her and laugh along...into her good ear.

Noble Pig

How cool is it when famous people comment on your blog?

How much more cool is it when famous Pigs comment?!

I assume everyone knows Cathy. If you don’t. Well. You should.

Oh my. Where to start? Where? Here? Well yes. But not everyone loves asparagus as much as I do. How about here? But then This One would feel left out. (And believe me we don't want that). And she says this one is easy...but...? I don't know? I could screw it up.

Coast Rat

And because I met this gentleman somehow through Noble Pig’s site, seems appropriate to introduce him to you now?

I may get this wrong, please correct me? Lance lives in Wisconsin, but has been on a personal mission in Mississippi helping hurricane victims purely on his own dime? He is back in Wisconsin right now but will be going back to Mississippi... is that right? I have a couple bird loving friends back East and he reminds me of them when I see his bird watching updates (cool photo on that one). And how about some coastal good eatin’. Oh how I miss living near the ocean for seafood? (I’ll be several hours in-land in Oregon, but a heck of a lot closer than here!). And what else? Civil War Reenactments! Of course!



Claremont First Ward said...

I enjoy Jacki and Bonnie, will have to check out the other two. :)

Anonymous said...

You are seriously hilarious! Thank you so much, I am so humbled by your wonderful comments!

Thank you!

United Studies said...

Oh thank you so much for featuring me! I think we met through me reading a comment of yours on another blog. Then I came to yours.

Who's blog? I don't remember.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Thanks so much you are too kind! I am so in on the lunch thing!!!! It was my hubby that didn't want your craptastic piano. BTW my two youngest are twins. No big deal though. If you didn't know it you would never guess by looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Carissa, Thank You so much for featuring me on your site! I am so humbled and honored! I am back on the Mississippi Gulf Coast again after being back in Wisconsin (my home state)for two whole weeks, with my family, and also at the civil war reenactment at Boscobel. It was an incredible time with my family, and another great experience being with and looking after the 1,ooo+ reenactors at the Boscobel civil war weekend. Cathy's site, Noble Pig, is one of the most incredible sites in all of blogdom, and yours is right there, too, in my book!

Being with my family again after such a long time, really brought home how very much I have missed (and do miss) them, working and volunteering down here on the Mississippi coast after Katrina.

I have so many posts I want to write about and share; it's trying to have the strength after these hot and humid, August Mississippi days, to lift my fingers to the keys of my laptop and make them work...

Thanks again!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!