The three with the twos...

Radio Flyer Twins
Picture by Jaye_Elle.

And now... More of the Momo Moms. Hey that's what they call themselves. Like Arizona, three more mommy bloggers who just happen to have twins. And just happen to be friends of mine. Now they can be yours.

First up:

Seven Clown Circus
Good name eh?

Angie is behind the screen on this one.
And I have yet to 'meet' her in real life, but I'm so working on it. See she lives in Oregon, and I'm moving to's possible right? Enough with the stalking. Angie recently went to Cancun (didn't even take me, humpf). And yes she posted about it, but this is the one that I like the best. She notices small things. And with 5 kids? Yes, craziness at their house. A regular Circus I imagine...(see how I got that in there?). Twin talk on this one. And enterprising souls on this one. I'm working on getting her twitterified, stay tuned... She also has 'mentored' me a bit on the whole blogging, why we blog, how to blog, blog, blog? Thanks Ang.

The Princess and The Peas
Wow. Is that a great header or what? I mean, GREAT!
Oh and her blog name is great too. Don't get me wrong...but THAT header!
Jocasta is her name. And I'm still waiting to find out the story there? Is it a kiwi thing?
Cuz. She lives in New Zealand. And therefore she is often my late night twitter/email/bloggy commenting friend. You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here. Now for her blog. How cute is she with the big at home birthday party. I LOVE the cakes from past B-days. And of course drama carting around twins!
I feel so worldlly talking to Jocasta. I've learned that it's 5PM there when it's 11PM for me. I've learned that there is no quarter in New Zealand, and a bunch of other great phrases, like: Flumed. As in "he made me angry, and I've been so flumed all day!". I've used it three times and I only just learned it yesterday! Thanks, that's a true friend. (Did I mention the header?)

And one more....

The Heiner Clan
Finally! One Momo mommy I've actually met.
(She bought some bags from me, and since she lives so close I just up and dropped 'em off to her!) Her name is Jaime. But you can call her Superjaim. I do.

First I want to introduce you to her babies. (They're big now) But I still think this picture should have won. I plan to call up 5minformom any day now. And here's part 1 and 2 of the whole Momo thing...will you please beg her to FINISH the dang thing? And just cuz she bought my crap, would you please take a look at hers...I mean, dang! Those are cool candles! She's having a sale in August in case you need an extra push. Sheesh just click the link already!!!

And I believe there are more twin mommies on my bloglist, if I don't get it right, feel free to correct me. By all means, isn't that what blogging is for?



Jocasta said...

At last I've made it on the list!!!

No great story about the Jocasta - it's Greek, I'm not Greek my mother just liked the name!

That header is pretty damm fine!

angie said...

OK, I loved coming here and seeing my button and hearing your nice comments about me. I do think a meeting must be in the future....especially since I live quite close to the airport....:)

I think it's hysterical that you stumbled upon our little circle of momo moms. Makes us seem less rare, doesn't it? Laura (The View From Our House) is also a momo mom, but I don't think you visit any of the other ones.

I was thinking today. Do Jamie and I have the same bag? Just curious if we have the same taste.

Thanks again for the feature, Carissa.

angie said...

Oh, and of course you know Arizona is one too?

Threeundertwo said...

I have twins, but I don't know what momo is (monoamniotic?). I read each of these blogs and I agree, they're great.

How nice to highlight them!

Jaime said...

I also loved seeing myself highlighted on your blog. How did you get my header, anyway?
Thanks for the plug. I had a good laugh reading about myself. I keep thinking we need to meet better, maybe longer than 2 minutes. But I know how busy you are so I don't push it.
Oh yeah, and you can call me superjaim anytime:)

Rachel said...

These blog highlights are fun -- I like coming by to see who you're going to introduce!

Jaysi said...

These are some of my favorites as well!

Jaye_Elle said...

Hey! Those are my babies up there! They just turned 16 and will soon be driving. Stay off the sidewalks!

Thanks for using and linking my photo. I love seeing where they end up. :-)

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!