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Time to drag out the Meme button...
(you love this don't you?)

MEME Button
What the heck is a meme anyway?
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I figure if someone goes to the trouble of linking up to me and then commenting over here to tell me I was tagged and then has the patience to wait for me to get my family moved a few states away...then? Okay. I'll do it.

I got nearly the same 'tag you're it!' from two people so I'm killing two modems with one blog...
One was for 6 random things, the other for 7 random things...poTAYtoes, poTAHtoes.

From Christy at ShakeTheSalt
Kamewh @ BlueberriesAndPeanutButter

Here goes. My new friend Angelicka STEALS her memes. Which I find HI-larious, so I'm going to steal her idea. With a twist...

Call it Balderdash.
But in College we called the game BullSh**.

See if you can tell which meme answers are really mine?

Answer Set Number ONE:

1. I was born and raised in Nebraska (and live here currently) but I also have lived in Arizona, Texas, Florida and New York.

2. I currently have eleven piercings.

3. I never use a pattern when I crochet. I've never had good luck with them AND with a toddler, it would be SO hard to keep track of where I am in it!

4. I got a tangerine Townie cruiser for my birthday this year.

5. I've never lived alone.

6. Favorites: Green, 17, Burritos or Spaghetti

Set TWO:

  1. I have NINE siblings.
  2. I wanted to play college basketball and had a chance to try out but chickened out.
  3. I've been to Poland. And I have the absolute most gorgeous pottery to prove it.
  4. I am NOT the best housekeeper. I tend to let the clutter get all up in my face and then I PURGE.
  5. I am currently reading the book series 'Barrington Family Saga' by Anita Stansfield. Which is weird cuz I usually stay far, far away from anything like this. But the author is my Sister's Ex-husband's Aunt. What are you gonna do? (Actually I'm totally enjoying the books).
  6. I Hate blue cheese. With a capitol H.

Set Number THREE

1. I write with my left hand, but do everything else with my right. When I was a classroom teacher, I wrote on the chalkboard more easily with my right-for some crazy, odd reason!

2. I have one sister who is a little older than me. She lives here in ABQ, NM also.

3. I never played any sports in high school, but after I graduated, I played a lot of basketball, and played a lot after work, and during the time I was studying to become a teacher at UNM. I haven't played much since I got married and had our son.

4. I have another blog which is a guitar blog that I link from here-Guitarthrill.

5. I have never been to any other states other than Calif., Nev., Wy., Ariz. Idaho, Ut., Col. Montana, Texas, Fla., and Mass. Of course, I would like to travel to a bunch more, especially Ill. and NY! Wash. would be nice too!

6. When I sleep I always sleep on my right side. (Most of the time)

If you know me in real person please comment, but don't give me away...! And no I'm not following the rules (again) I'm not tagging anyone else. But by all means if you do get tagged feel free to borrow my MEME button. Heck-- steal my whole meme, I just did.



Jaime said...

I am going to guess 3 for #1.
Either 4 or 5 for #2.
1 for #3. I am the same, I only eat, write, cut (hair),and bat (in softball) left handed. Do everything else right.

Jaime said...

Oh crap, I did it all wrong, you say? Let me try again! I am guessing #2 is all you?

Kellan said...

This was so fun and I have no idea which are true, but tend to believe the siblings and piercings are likely not - will be surprised if they are and find them very intriguing!

Have a good day - Kellan

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

This was a good idea. I am guessing 2. Yep! I am having to guess. The reason for number 2... something tells me you don't like bleu cheese, which I think is a real shame, but somehow it doesn't seem so YOU. Am I right?

When are you going to let us know?

And... thanks for your comments today. In response... the boys pushed him into the fence and told him he was weird for having orange hair. BTW: These are both boys I have had over to my house for play dates. Not happy about that one.

Finally, yep! I sort of feel a call to action based on my experiences. I have SEEN too much, been too many places, and KNOW the devastation. My parents were in Honduras last week and wrote an e-mail all about what they saw. Anyway... you are right. That is why!

Linda S said...

seriously a guitar blog? someone has one of those? that must be your acid rock alter ego, right? Rogbark and the Apricotalots?

Shannon said...

#2 fo' shizz. OK, so I not so certain but this is a guessing game right?

Kaye Butler said...

Okay, how brillant was that to "borrow" other MEME's...I'm pretty sure that you just moved from Maryland to New Orleans...and that you are 1 of 4 fourtletts...and that you write with both of your right hands.

Oh I'm so confused.

angie said...

Definitely set number 2 is you. Definitely. Is everyone somehow related to Anita Stansfield? :)

Jocasta said...

I love how nuts you are!

I've been waiting for someone to tag me so I can tag you but sadly Meme's have been in short supply in my neck of the woods.

I was tempted to steal your meme and tag you with it - a full circle meme!

I guess #2

JenniBeanV said...

I'm going wit set 2!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!