Picture Prose for the weekend...

Another sunset. (I told you). THIS is EVERY night.
Maybe from some California Fires? Don't know, just love it.

I was too late for CecilyRs Friday story...but I these don't really tell a story anyway, just showin' off my bags. Erm...not MY BAGS. Oh shut up already.

My cute little new totes and hobos.

I shared this one already before it was even finished. And I swear. Award Winning. It's a medium tote with black and slightly off white swirls, red sueded fabric and a yummy black toile print, also lined with the same toile print. Interior cell phone pocket included. I promise I am getting more black and red toile...pronto!

Similar fabrics on the amazing hobo. But with a red toile for the lining. This bag is even better in person, you should meet her. You should.

An up-close on those dainty lil' ties on the strap.

Now for a complete mood change. Retro-Modern Anyone!? This is a large tote with extra long straps. I love the fabric colors and paired with the more elegant basket print, it all pops! Fully lined with a matching solid brown. And large totes come with a zipper pocket AND a great cell phone pocket.

Now if I can just find time to get the real shop site up to snuff...can't though. Too much to do around the house, unpacking, more sewing. (I am loving my 'new' sewing studio--I'll show pics soon). I'm not sure if I dare even mention it...but Christmas is coming and...if you would like to order any bags and totes for gifts...HURRY! I have some great fall fabrics. I'll try to get 'em posted.


Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't use carrying bags (other than tool bags); you have some nice ones!

angie said...

Love these new additions, Carissa. I especially like the new longer straps on the large tote.

Melanie said...

What great work you do!! So good to see you are enjoying the Beautiful sunsets that KF offers..

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Me wants the hobo. How do I order? This is sooooo me! Should I stop by Apricotalot to place it?

Kellan said...

Those bags are so adorable and sooooo me. I have got to order me a couple - and, I am going to soon - promise - they are toooo cute!

Take care - Kellan

Marketing Mama said...

Your bags are so cute, I just know that one of these days you'll post one that I won't be able to resist! You are so talented!

Jaime said...

Love all the new bags! Looks like you're doing well!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!