What do you do with 'Awards'?

Hmmm. I’m trying to find a way to make fun of or otherwise be snarky about a bloggy ‘award’ given to me by an online friend. She’s expecting some serious snark. (Head over to Jocasta's and help me out with that please?)

Like... the way I snark over tags and MeMes..? It’s hard. I want to snark this. But..

You know. The whole gracious thing, right?

Thank you

Photo by darwinbell

I mean... back a while ago, I was given an ward about the green pico art sauce or something, and I thought…well, I guess that’s cool. And I totally told the person thank you so much! But then. I did some research on the actual award and um….it’s like the biggest blog scam ever invented. The originator of the bloggy award is now getting millions of hits from the blogorama and well…the pico sauce blog is in PORTUGUESE!

Yup. Weird.

And I totally understand that the award was given in earnest. It’s just that…what now? It becomes blog jewelry? I’d so much rather just link to all the people who I think are awesome bloggers and then go READ their blog and should I feel it’s a really good post…to STUMBLE THAT BLOG. Or Twitter about that blog. Wow, now that would be a great award? I’ll call it the

I Stumble U/Twitter award (ISUTA of course)

I think I will start right now.

Here are my Stumble U/Twitter awardees: (they're new to me)

http://halftimelessons.blogspot.com/(You can call him Mr. Ratburn. I do.) See this post for sure..

Baby chicks? What can beat that?

Argyle background? Cool. (Oh and she liked my NO-Reply tute...ahem)

Last one for today: This one is my real life honest to goodness SISTER. Srsly.

Tell her I sent you and pull her hair or something,
she's the littlest sis of SEVEN girls!

That should get you started. Enjoy.
Tell me if you stumble one.

Oh. And thanks for the award Jocasta. You're neat.


Jay @halftime lessons said...

See? If I could learn to keep my mouth shut, I might be likeable...maybe I wouldnt always get the (insert filth) speeding ticket...
Although, would make for a pretty dry blog just being nice all the time, eh?
Thanks for the kudos, Mrs. Crabtree, you seriously rock.
Jay (Ratburn)

KatieZ said...

Hey, so I figured out how to get a sugnature. Did it and you will see it whenever I post the next blog (waiting for pics from the sis). Wasn't too bad! Got directions from your blog. Did NOT however try to make a button. Sounds waaaayyy too complicated for the likes of me. But thanks for the info. Another question? Why do you "add blogs that you follow to your profile", what does that do?

georgie said...

guess I need to learn stumble upon...geesh i am still tryin to figure out twittermoms...

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

I totally agree with you about bloggy bling taking up space. At the same time, I love awards. I think getting them allows you to see who is following you and giving them allows you to spread the love by referring others to some of your favorite blogs. I think you could just as easily stumble those people's posts and twitter about them as you mentioned. But, I think linky love (shout outs) is another great advertising medium for other sites--like you did today. I have found a lot of great blogs by seeing who my favorite bloggers recommend.

Kate said...

Ha- my thoughts exactly!!!! I just got my first award the other day, and before that when I would see people getting "awards," like they just won the Nobel Peace Prize or something, I'd think, "Whatever!" But I must say, after receiving an award, I don't feel so sarcastic anymore, but my thoughts exactly were, why don't I just stumble them or kirtsy them, or whatever is the in thing now? Well, I need to fulfill my award winning obligations and spread the linky love - I have to spread something your way now that I finally found someone who thinks, "Blogging awards, what's that all about?!?"

Rachel said...

Um . .. by the way . . . .


I sent you an award too!

Stop by to pick it up!

Saucy said...

I feel the same way about the awards... I just email thanks and move on because I've suspected all along they are a scam of some sort... sort of a chain mail thing "pass this award to seven other deserving bloggers" and uh, I get the same award again because there are just only so many of us... I might have to learn to twitter though, you've got me there girlfriend.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!