A Twitter Tale

I moved.

All that was covered in previous posts.
(You remember the high-centered moving truck right?)
(In case your forgot.)

When I moved. I didn't know anyone in my new town. But I still had all of you. My little online world. But talking to you through your blogs, or emailing you and waiting for you to get back to me, was taking too long. And for a long stretch there I had no adult interaction.

IT all started when I asked a couple online friends to join me on Twitter so I could chat with them sorta kinda live? I worked out a time late one evening when all three of us could be online, and they slowly grasped how Twitter does it's thing. They each had that head smacking moment where you GET Twitter and go: "Oh my gosh, this is soooo easy! Why did it take me so long to get here?"

We had a blast. And we thought we were so cool.
We agreed.
For sure the next week...
Same time-Same place.

And my friends?
Twitter Girl's Night Out was born.
It was bald of course. (All my babies are.)

There were about 15 gossiping gals that next week. And over 50(!) the third week. I called in a massive favor to relative new-comer to the blogging world: Jyl, Ms. MommyGossip herself. I said, hey? This is bigger than I know what to do with! Help!

And look where we are now? I can't even find a way to tell how many amazing tweeters join in on Tuesday nights? 75, 150, more? But we tweet at a blazin' 300 tweets per minute, and I expect that to RISE!

This thing needed it's own HOME.
The new. The fabulous. The very real #GNO website.
For all things Twitter GNO.


So what's next for my baby?

mom's bald baby picture
(Not my baby. This is JoyGant's mom.)

  • Topic Tuesdays.
  • Topic Talk (for following up on Topic Tuesdays)
  • Featuring You and your input, ideas, and posts...keep 'em coming,
    we are writing this all down!
  • A Calendar of Guest Tweets.
  • A Shopping Directory for Our Gossipin' Gals Great Stuff!
  • YES! A blogroll!
  • Tutorials (You know me too well...?)

And now....
In honor of Halloween, we thought the best way to really celebrate in true MommyGossip style?

Twitter GNO will be All Twilight, All Night.
Twilight Book Cover images

(Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Is it possible to BREAK Twitter?)

And one step better. We give you Self Proclaimed Twilight Freak.
Our Guest Tweet for GNO:

The one- the only- the Great Lula! From Lulaville.
You love her too dontcha?

Better start following her now...

And yes. We attempted to contact Stephanie Meyers. We're still waiting...

What questions do you have for Lula?
Do you LOVE Twilight?
Hate it?
Want to Have Edward's children?
Or are you a Jacob fan?
Oh, and? Spoiler alert. Yes. We will spill the beans.
If you have any really great ideas for GNO? Send 'em our way!

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Deb said...

O. M. G. are you torturing me on purpose???????????? did you not READ my post yesterday?????

ok, ok... MAYBE i'll drop by and if i do, i PROMISE to behave myself. that is, if i'm still invited.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...


And... I suppose we need to remind our bloggy friends that they don't have to like, love, or even tolerate Twilight to join in on the fun. That's the fun of any gossip--opposing view points, right? :)

Great post. I'm assuming you have more friends than you can possibly hand now? :)

Kate said...

Ha- I'm sure Stephanie Myers will make sure to drop by. Anybody who's anybody will be there, right?

Kristina P. said...

OK, I think I will be there. I may have to join late, depending on what work is like.

And we don't have to like Twilight at all, right????????

Cecily R said...

Your GNO idea is AWESOME. I keep meaning to tell you that...I'm impressed!!

And I still need to join, I know. Tuesdays are always so nuts at my house that by the time I can breathe for longer than 7 seconds at a time you guys are already done! :)

Jaime said...

It really did take off, didn't it? And now you're big Superstar Rogbark! Don't forget us little people, now, ya hear?
I haven't read Twilight, but you know I'll probably be there at some point in the night (after meetings).

Good N Crazy said...

To Answer the LOVE/Hate issue?

OF COURSE all types are welcome. I have this tiny inkling that um...the LOVES out number the rest??

I could be wrong tho.

I fall under the category of LOVED the first one (obessed even) but after the second and third? I was all? JUST KILL HER OFF already!

Ryanne said...

sounds like a ton of fun!

angie said...

Stephenie is not returning my calls either?

Wow, your GNO is huge now.


Jenni Jiggety said...

I would SO let Edward bite me...

And now I will be joining you on Tuesday night even though I will be a grouch on Wednesday at school.

Luxe Tips said...


I am so excited about the next GNO! Thank you for visting my blog and commenting. This is a great group of Divas!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

interesting idea...but i'm so far behind on the books that well I better pass!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!