Church Chat: A Calling

In my church we have a lay clergy. I have no idea why they say it that way. It sounds dumb. But it means we do not pay the people in charge of a ward (Mormon translation; congregation). In fact the whole priesthood leadership from the congregation level to the next level up and all the way to the big TWELVE in Utah are all volunteers.

Yup. They don't get paid.

Nada. Nothin'.

The ward leadership consists of a Bishop and his two counselors (or is it councilors I can never remember which is which?). These gentlemen are usually asked (or called as we say it in Mormon Speak) to hold their positions for around 5 years. Just regular Joes willing to step up and run a ward. The bottom line. The Bishop is the big guy for a ward who is the only one designated to receive revelation for those members (yes, I mean from God) you can think of it more like 'instructions for the ward sent from Heaven'. We're crazy that way with the belief that God talks to us. (In a good & crazy way :).

There are various other organizations including: A women's organization called The Relief Society. We're kind of proud of the fact that it's the oldest organized women's group in the Nation, cool eh?

Also there's a Priesthood organization for the men (all worthy adult males can hold the priesthood), a young men's organization, a young women's organization, and a children's group called Primary--(I think short for Primary Sunday School? But we never say anything but Primary). Babies go to nursery while the grown-ups are in the various meetings. But everyone attends the main Sunday meeting together. Sacrament meeting. Because we all take the sacrament at that time... makes sense.

It's funny to write this all out. Because these aren't things I think about; to me it's just always been this way, I never wondered why or how? But lately I've been seeing the beauty of the depth of the organization of the Mormon faith.


I just found out that after only 3 months in my new town and new ward (and believe me 3 months is a REALLY long time for this) I have a new calling--or--position I've been asked to fill. Remember the whole volunteer thing. No one gets paid to do run any of these organizations. I was asked to be the secretary in the Relief Society (the women's group--stay with me). The Bishop said when he asked me to do this job, and I quote: "It will be a good way for you to get to know the sisters in the ward".

I'll say. After three months I can barely put a few names to faces, and DO not ask me last names, and do not ask me spouses names!

I may have to teach lessons on occasion, if I do... beware. I'll likely have to share them with you.
If you give a mouse a cookie...

And if you are still reading (Hi Melissa and Deb) here's an uplifting article by the grand poobah of my church (We call him President Monson, and we also call him a prophet--see what you think.)



Kristina P. said...

Congrats on the calling! Our ward is actually a branch, and we have so many people moving in and out, it's ridiculous. I've finally just gotten the hang of what I'm supposed to do in our calling, and I've been in for a few months.

Jocasta said...

I really enjoy hearing about your life and church - probably strange for a heathen on the other side of the world!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article by the Grand Poo-Bah - LOL But seriously, he seems to have some depth. I don't know much about the Morman faith but what I do know of it I respect. Mormans that I know tend to follow their faith and practice it more than a lot of other Christian sects. And we are all part of the body of Christ so if my new bloggy buddy Carissa is a Morman, hey - I'm down with that.

Jillybean said...

I have to admit, as soon as I read "Relief Society Secretary" the first thing I thought was that you would get to know the ladies in the ward better.

angie said...

I loved having that calling! I just got a new calling too. I had to hide my mouth b/c I almost started laughing when the call was extended. Emergency prepareness. :)

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Of course I was still reading - you know I LOVE church chat days! And congrats congrats - I think you'll make a wonderful secretary for the relief society! My only sadness is that now you'll be even busier and we won't hear from you very often :( . But since it's for the greater good, I'll take it in stride!

And as your online community grows, it can only be a good thing for your in-town community to grow, too! I bet you'll really enjoy getting to know your new neighbors better,

xxoo, Melissa

(ps - I liked the President's holiday message)

Jaime said...

I am a secretary, too, except I'm in the primary. I would totally choose secretary over anything else!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!