Laughter is... The Best Cure.

Tuesday Tribute:

To marriage.

A little story.

A girl and a boy meet on April Fool's day. (It's True) The girl laughs so hard she needs massage therapy on her cheeks from smiles-too-hard, too long.
The girl and the boy become friends. Laughter was their MO. They date each other's roommates, but NEVER each other. They fall in love 9 months later, and then decide to date each other... a few weeks later? Engaged. Wham. (It's a Utah thing.)

Fast Forward 7 years later...

That boy graduated from Law School, that girl traded in the work out of the home for the mommy work IN the home. 2 little girls were that work. The boy, is now an associate in a high powered NYC law firm, and his commute is longer than some people's actual work day. He always misses dinner, heck he misses whole weekends!

At one point they sat talking (late at night since that's all they seemed to have left). And they realized there wasn't any laughter. Not enough in common to have common things to laugh about. She complained, "you don't make me laugh anymore." He replied, "if we don't see movies together, I have nothing to imitate and make fun of."

What to do?

Toss in the towel, let the 7 year itch win the battle?

Not for these scratchy two.

Nope. The girl read a book called 'Your Money or Your Life'. She changed her mindset. And the boy started calculating. If they sold the house, they could pay off most of the law student loans. And those loans had been feeling like a massive ugly monster on their backs for much too long... And they finished the kitchen remodel they had started that fall... And they prepared to bring another child into their family... And he found a job near the extended family... and they sold that teeny-tiny, oh so charming, 100 year old, (hate the boiler), but all their own...first home.

And ahhhh. Life was still busy. Life was still a big happy mess. But they watched movies together again. (Can we get a cheer for NetFlix!) They laughed at the new and the old. The good and the crazy. (I couldn't resist.)

Post Script
No. Grizzly Adams did not move in. THAT is what I came home from BlissDom to...
Post Script 2
We recently netflixed House Bunny. It's raucus and even has a few swear words. But oh my gosh we laughed so hard we had to rewind to see the parts we were laughing so hard that we missed. And now whenever we meet someone new we feel the need to repeat their name in a monster voice, "NATaLIE."



ExtraordinaryMommy said...

I LOVE your story. LOVE that you are happy. LOVE that you laugh together. LOVE that you survived the 7 year whatever-it-is. xoxo

Linda S said...

you two are just too cute...makes it even cuter now that i've met you...MWAH!

Megryansmom said...

Congrats on still being in love!

Julie said...

Great story! So glad you shared!

Sheri and George said...

Never lose the laughter in your marriage. I am so glad you are able to laugh and shared this with us.

♥georgie♥ said...

what a sweet LOVE story!!!

ahhh House Bunny too funny

Straight to Your Hart said...

CariSSA...sorry just had to do it. Haven't seen the movie, but I will!!

Laughter is the best medicine for a marriage. See...seeing me nekked (sorry just shut that out)...that is for pure entertainment for us!! LOL

Can we call it the mormon thing/ not just utah? Reminds me of the singles ward!!

Ape said...

Great post! Love the story I think I've heard the Boyd version but it was not as detailed. :)

The Daily Blonde said...

LOVED this....

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your wonderful story and tribute. And the Joker - excellent getup!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Excellent tribute!

I will have the check out House Bunny!

Organic Sugar Scrub said...

What an adorable boy meets girl story. YOU are awesome, so he Must be too! I think I'm going to try the monster name thing...sounds like fun!

Rachel Ferrucci

Mama Snow said...

Definantly a Utah thing. My hubby and I were married with in 9 months as well.
Your story is great and I love the pictures. It is amazing how fast time flies by. Isn't it great to share the time with a significant other though. Even if there are days you want to shove them out the door, you always want them back. ;)

Hi from the VGNO!
Mama Snow

GinSpaghetti said...

LOVE the background in this picture!!! Stopping by from Ann's! :) Happy weekend!

ciara said...

it's great that you are still in the story. house bunny was funny. :)

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

Awesome post. I like to read the post that make you say " oh how sweet!". Have a good one and keep laughing!

Anonymous said...

What a neat story!

I've seen House Bunny about a half dozen times, and loved it,especially her pronunciation of the names!

KatieZ said...

Oh my crap! I didn't know that House Bunny had THAT word in it. But my 12 year old and I watched it..and yes the same thing happened! We laughed so hard we had to rewind to see parts we missed. Thank goodness for the DVR!

I love to hear the stories of you and hubby. How you were so happy yet struggling all the while. It gives me hope for me and my hubby.

Love you!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!