Virtue... Is A Virtue?

Don't spill the salt

I was asked to give a short lesson {yes, in church} about a value added to the value list for the church's young women Youth Program. (there were already 7 other values)

What's the new value?


Huh? I thought? Don't they mean the same thing? I did some reading and yes I know about the whole virtuous life and being aware of chastity, but is there more?

I started my lesson with a Science Lesson, yes they all groaned. You're groaning too? Sorry.

Strong acids, like Hydrogen Chloride are nasty chemicals and they eat at things and would 'burn' your skin if dripped on it. And Bases are also nasty when strong and have a caustic effect on various things. But when you combine an Acid + a Base you get:

pause for effect

A Salt.

So HCL + NaOH = NaCL and HOH.

Anyone know what those last two chemicals are?
Yup. Ordinary Table Salt (NaCl) and Water(HOH).

The point? Nasty acids and bases when brought together can be neutralized.


A virtuous person helps neutralize the caustic and the nasty stuff of the world into usable items like table salt.


Okay, forget the chemistry lesson, what I really wanted to get to was.
Are you the salt of the Earth?

I totally always thought that phrase meant, the working class people of the earth, doing their best to get along helping others if they can. You know, "oh they are the best family, salt of the earth you know?"

And it probably does mean that. But I had a deep thought here, don't laugh. I thought, being the salt of the Earth means you help sprinkle 'flavor' upon the world. Now no one would want to eat a whole spoon-full of salt right? But a little enhances food and makes meatloaf taste more like meatloaf.

So my question is. Do you do that? Are you the salt of the earth? Do you sprinkle the people around you with love, or kindness, or honesty? Do you help neutralize the acidity of the world.. (yeah forget the chemical lecture already!)

Define virtue?

It IS a Virtue.

photo credit DixieRoadRash


The Daily Blonde said...

This is an interesting post. I like when someone forces me to think. Especially you. :)

I can't say I always spread goodness and cheer....but I do think I am a special kind of salt. Maybe a coarser grain like sea salt. Maybe I am the "salt of the sea"??? I say it like it is but I don't think I've ever said things to hurt people. I just love hearing it direct and I give it back that way, too. Just my style. Hidden beneath all that salt is a big heart. I'd do anything to help a person in true need.

Thanks for making me think on a Monday morning.

Motherboard said...

Found you from Blog Stalkers...

I love this! I just taught something similar to my YW. I told them that the scripture "Let Virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly..." had a double meaning. Typically we think of it as "don't think nasty, dirty thoughts" but it also means we need to think virtuous, good thoughts about ourselves because of the last part of that scripture "...thy confidence shall wax strong..."

If you are thinking good things about yourself, the Lord blesses you with a confidence that cannot be duplicated. When you are thinking good things about yourself-- letting virtue garnish your thoughts about YOU-- you cannot think mean thoughts about others or be mean to others... It's impossible.

Sounds like it was a great lesson.

Kristina P. said...

Of course you would teach an awesome lesson.

Congrats on being top blog! Does this mean you will update more? :)

Helene said...

That is such an interesting way to think about the salt analogy!!

I try hard to treat others with kindness and such but sometimes it's so difficult to do that. It seems like people are just getting ruder and ruder and more selfish these days. But I need to remember to take the high road and be nice, no matter how they may act.

Found your blog on BSU! Congrats on being the featured blog of the week!

Jessica G. said... would totally be my kind of YW leader. I love analogies mixed with something tangible.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I like to think I am salty!

And a little sweet, too!

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm doing a little salting in my life! What a great post.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I totally dig that. It gave me a boost today (and I needed one!). Thanks!

Becky said...

I love that analogy I don't think I could pull it off quite as nicely as you have here!

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Loved the chemistry, myself :)

I think I'm pretty salty... always happy to be inspired to be more so! You're definitely salty by the way "S"

xo, Melissa

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed reading this and yes I do think I am the salt of the earth. :)

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!