Step Away From The Computer..

Unplug For All The Right Reasons

I'm joining Kimba today over at A Soft Place To Land.
My reason?
Today is my birthday.
Unplug computer? Check.
Eat plenty of my own birthday cake? Check.

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad I found your blog. Hope you will stop by and see me. Though I am new to blogging, I am loving all my new friends.

I am giving away my first EVER BLOG PRIZE.
I have a gift basket business and it is the most requested gift over the last 15 years.

From the comments I have already received, appears to be something a little different and something anyone could use.

I have been so touched by the comments that I have decided to give 2 boxes . They will be the $100 deluxe size.
I want my blog to encourage others. I have decided that giving is life at its BEST. The drawing will be Saturday!

The White Sheep said...

I'm on board! What a good idea!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I wish I could unplug. I just heard about it, from here and I'm not prepared to do it, lol. I plug in to unwind, especially after the kids are all in bed. :)

Becky said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you don't see this today!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Carissa! Enjoy your unplugged day.

Sandy said...

Just wanted to give you a "shout out" for the awesome job you did on Grant's blog! Erin loved it. Grant especially liked it and thanks you also!!!!!!


bookieboo said...

Hey thanks for sending me to your blog! Happy Birthday! How old did you turn today? Have a big piece of cake for's nothing but Weight Watchers point counting lately.

Veggie Mom said...

Happy Birthday to You! Hope you're plugged back in today...

Jenni Jiggety said...

Can't. Stop. Typing.

Internet. Taking. Over.


Jenni Jiggety said...

Oh! And Happy 25th Birthday!

Anonymous said...


I'm hosting a give-away. Enter by midnight Sunday for your chance to WIN!


Jocasta said...

Happy Birthday!!

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Haapppppy birthday, to you! Haaappy birthday, to yooouuuuuu! HAPPY Birrrrthday, deeeaaar Carissa..... Haaaappy Birthday, to you!

(I was actually singing to you, btw "s")

Happy unpluggesdness, also! Definitely for a good reason :) . Totaly by coincidence I was unplugged on your birthday too - I only missed it for the first couple hours, then it was kind of relaxing!

THinking of you :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice Birthday!

ciara said...

happy belated birthday! hope it was a good one :)

Straight to Your Hart said...

I've been doing that ALOT lately! How was your Birthday? Hope it was great..and glad to see you are back..

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!