Tide Loads of Hope

I love the name of this good will campaign Tide Brand has created.

"Loads of Hope"

In the wake of disasters, small comforts make a big difference.

When Hurricane Katrina first hit New Orleans, thousands of families were left without basic comforts like clean clothes. In response, the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundry program traveled to the city, helping provide clean clothes and renew a sense of hope. It's the spirit of the people of New Orleans who continue to inspire us.

...you can read more about their Program: Loads Of Hope

This includes a giant truck with 32 washers capable of doing A LOT of laundry.. and more!

I think I'm most impressed with their partnership with FeedingAmerica.org! Mom It Forward (my other baby) teamed up with Feeding America last November in our first ever Virtual Food Drive! And although we only raised a small amount of money ($1400) we knew there were amazing companies out there matching our little, turning it into A LOT!

Tide's Loads of Hope Campaign has created a line of T-shirts that you can purchase and the proceeds go back into this program. I love that!

I'm loving the red shirt.. which do you like?

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Kristina P. said...

You guys did such an amazing job!

And it was so great to meet you yesterday. You and Jyl have done such amazing things. The lunch was awesome.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!