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Time to Jump into A Giveaway!

Watching my kids play around with has basically made me jealous! I am totally loving seeing what they see. And now YOU can too! JumpStart has generously offered my readers 2 chances to win a 6 Month subscription AND an age appropriate CD game as well. Together these are worth nearly $70!

In addition to the online interactive 3D, we received a Kindergarten CD-rom game called 'The Legend of Grizzly McGuffin'. Each of these types of games comes with 2 levels that work immediately, but you get to unlock 10 extra levels when you have an online membership with Legend Of Grizzly McGuffin

I think I would have to say that my little boy spends most of his time using this game. He gets frustrated when the online game says 'loading...'! My 8yrold plays the online version more (her patience level is higher huh?) And does the 11yrold use any of this? She'll tell you no!

But you know how when Barney or the Wiggles are on and even though it's like scratching a chalkboard, you tend to stop a second and watch the stuff on the screen? And then you can't seem to look away? This is a little like that for her... not the scratching chalkboard part.. OH, forget the analogy! She 'helps' her little brother and then gets pulled in, sometimes I catch her playing and TK has walked off!

I want to make this clear. This giveaway is more than just a giveaway. It is round two of this GoodNCrazy Jumpstart campaign!

It's a chance to hang with the marketing team of In fact you will get the chance to run your own review and host a giveaway (if you choose!) If you win my contest I will do my best to help you get the word out about your site and your review/giveaway. And you have two more chances after mine to win with Angie at Seven Clown Circus starting on Friday! There were two winners already over at StopDropandBlog!

So here are the details:

There will be two winners, decided by random drawing from comments on this post.

What each will win~~

  • 1 6 Month Subscription to
  • 1 CD-rom game for either {Kindergarten, First Grade or Second Grade}


Winner agrees to post a review on their own blog (I'll help you start one if you don't have one I promise!) And has the option to host a giveaway as well, after email contact with the marketing team.

Rules and all the blah blah blah~~

Please become a fan of Jumpstart via Facebook. Come back here and leave me a comment about a discussion you either read about, started or added a comment to. (Leave the url of the discussion in the comment here.) If you aren't on Facebook.. give it a shot! Still not working? Then leave a comment somewhere on the Jumpstart blog and that will count!

Extra Entries~~

  1. Follow @Jumpstart_erin on twitter. (Leave a comment here when you've done that.)
  2. Tweet This Sentence:
    Jumping Into JumpStart: A Giveaway!

    (Leave a comment here when you've done that WITH your username as well.)
  3. Check out the JumpStart Blog and tell me something about one of the articles on the home page. (Leave a comment here about the blog.)
  4. Follow my blog! (Tell me in the comments.)

That's four extra chances to win! I'm serious about helping create a blog if needed! Good luck, and as always please leave me a way to find you!

Contest will end Thursday April 23rd (that's tomorrow) @9PM Pacific.

MoziEsme of has won one of the prize packages.


Joy of All Because Two People Fell In Love won the 2nd package!


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Joy said...

So I can't do the Facebook one since I am not on Facebook and I have a bit of a deal with the hubs not to get on there-so even though I would LOVELOVE to win I can't join and befriend her on there because I can't break my promise with the hubs

Joy said...

BUT I did follow her on Twitter and Tweet the giveaway:)

Wyatt has enjoyed playing it but we haven't gotten a membership yet

Joy said...

I have been "following" your blog in my reader for wuite some time but I just clicked the follow thing and now I show up as a stalker I mean reader:)

Joy said...

Especially after all these commments I look like a crazy person.

I looked at their Blog and the treasure hunt thing looks super cool my son loves that type of stuff.

I forgot I am Wyattabbymom on Twitter but I think you knew that but wanted to be sure:)

oh and I would so give a review on my blog

Barb said...

Hi Carissa,

Joined page and left a comment (even if it was a little self promoting). LOL!

Barb said...

Following Erin!

Barb said...

Tweeted as chaotic_barb here:

Mozi Esme said...

OK - I became a fan, and I commented on the discussion about how old your kid was when they started using a mouse. Esme still hasn't figured it out at 24 months - I am so behind... :)

ClaireElaine said...

Okay... I have followed @Jumpstart_Erin. I have tweeted that sentence, plus a blurb about my experience with JumpStart. I read the blog the other day, but today I read about puzzles and laughed because my oldest was playing PuttPutt goes to the circus and he has to put together his ticket (4 pieces) so he can get a prize from one of the characters at the circus. This prize unlocks another adventure. He LOVED it. So yes, the puzzles thing makes sense, and they use it alot. Silly when you're 16 (like I was) but effective in younger kids. And I followed you a while ago. You're in my Google Reader. (I love Google Reader.) I have not joined Facebook but am on my way there, and will make Jumpstart my friend and will look for you too. And my Twitter name is @EllaJo08, since I forgot to say that. :D You elicit some long responses from your readers!

ClaireElaine said...

And now I have joined Facebook and confirmed you as a friend and become a fan of Jumpstart. And I LIKE the discussions!!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!