Planning The Vacation For 2012...

I haven't told my husband yet.
In the summer of 2012?

We are going on a long drive.

Who plans that far in advance?

Well... let me tell you a little story. Probably in college.. yes that was a really long time ago.. 15+ years in fact. I first came across a modern art GOD named Christo. Do I sound just a little crazy? Or maybe you've heard of this guy? Anyway. If you haven't. He has created all these massive works of art out IN the world. He and his wife Jean-Claude claim there is no meaning beyond the immediate aesthetic for each massive project. They have no actual artwork, in fact each piece is removed at the end!

From the Umbrella project:

Christo's Umbrellas 1991

To Wrapping Statues and Trees:
See some videos of these events and others as well on Plexifilm. (thanks for the suggestion by @HappySquid!)

Christo and Jeanne-Claude / Wrapped Trees 1998

To Wrapping Whole Buildings!! The Riechstag:

Reichstag wrapped by the Artist Christo

He even wrapped the Opera House in Sydney, Australia!

Okay back to my story.

So I knew of his work, and honestly I thought he was dead or something? Turns out.. there was this gigantic project called The Gates, that he and Jean-Claude were creating right in Central Park. And of course we were moving away from that area JUST BEFORE the project was set to go up!! (I cried when I found out.)

How did I NOT know about this?

I vowed, if I ever saw anything else by this amazing artist... I was going to plan IN ADVANCE... I was going to purchase plane tickets... I was GOING. TO. SEE. his next exhibition.

And guess what? {Did you already guess?}

In 2012.


The Project is called 'Over The River'.

It will be located in Colorado.

They are covering 5.9 miles of the Arkansas river.

They are not kidding.

Check out the Over The River website with the detailed information, {they've been working on this project since 1997 folks!!}

Where will you be in July/August of 2012?

Would you like to join me on a family ART vacation? Once in a lifetime kind of trip? Possibly one step above the world's largest ball of twine? {Who needs Disneyland?} You will be able to raft down the river UNDER the covering, seeing the sky through the translucent fabric! There will be walking trails up to the art installation. I am SO doing this... Planning now for this.

PS. One of my closest friends back in New Jersey did get to see The Gates. And it took me 3 weeks to get over my jealous twitching eye. (Remind me to tell you about my Museum of Modern Art story.)

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