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Time for some More Good Than Crazy...

I was talking with Kathie via Twitter a few weeks ago as Earth Day was fast approaching and she mentioned that she was hosting a couple fun giveaways from her site.. you had to write an Earth Day Themed Haiku, and then enter it on her shop's blog:

Rock on! I was IN! I was also intrigued... from her blog I skipped over to her shop site: and oh my heck such great stuff... And yes I'm all about fabulous fabric finds don't cha know! I totally get what it takes to create and sew products!

Kathie said she was tired of spending so much money on baby shower gifts, she wanted something special and valuable. So nine years ago she sat right down at her kitchen table and designed baby bibs!
Talk about someone I could sit down with at that kitchen table and chat all things fabric huh!?

And NOW?? You can find Lilypad Baby products in numerous publications and in retail stores around the nation! All handmade, custom, quality baby products from the heart. And I was excited to know that she has them all manufactured in the US, in fact she thought maybe I could get some of my ApricotAlot items in with her team of seamstresses! I'm so excited!

{PS.. I won one of those haiku contests and I received my super cute handmade and very Earth Friendly reusable napkins!! Perfect for my kids' lunchboxes!} Are you jealous yet?

Please meet Kathie, owner of Lilypad Baby, and blogging at Lilypad Place. You can chat with her about fabric (or whatever..) on twitter @KathieLB.


Round TWO: More GOODIE than crazy!

I came across Today's Goodie a few weeks ago..and I couldn't help but wonder what it meant? Cupcakes? Palm Readers? Of course I just flat out asked Shane (one of the founders) what is She was happy to share. In fact she was happy to talk to me directly on the phone!

Turns out they have found a fabulous way to share current and trendy finds every day. From chic baby gear, to massive mom stuff, to foodie finds... {ohhh maybe some cupcakes after all?!} Great items delivered right to your inbox everyday.

Shane in Kentucky...Jacki in Chicago: Two Hip chicks sharing a couple-a-goodies a day! How cool is that? Well after chatting with them about what they do I realized something WAY more cool... They are able to sell each of the daily finds at a discount! So you are thinking, OH.. last year's stuff right? WRONG. Current items, you'll find in boutiques across the country. And you can check for giveaways on Today's Goodies Blog!

So what are TODAY's Goodies? Glad you asked:

  1. Flatten Me: A personalized storybook involving your child and their photo.

  2. SnapShot by Nuvo Vino - A wine thermometer that helps serve wine at just the right temperature.

AND... I'm kind of excited... Shane and Jacki let me in on a little secret... You want in too? Shhhhh don't tell them I told... !

All of next week they are hosting a giveaway a day on! They are celebrating their new name! Whoop, let's help 'em celebrate huh? For five days a $20 gift certificate a day. Be looking for my tweets next week. I'll be spreading the #GoodieLuv via twitter!

I was thinking how great these two sites are for each other... LilyPadBaby please meet TodaysGoodie, maybe those bibs can be a goodie sometime in the near future.. what do you think!?

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Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!