Hamburger Helper Vs. The Cantaloupe

Once upon a time...
There was a yummy cantaloupe sitting on my kitchen counter. Cute and Cuddly.


It was the perfect color. The perfect size. 3 days into it's house visit... it was beginning to give off that perfect cantaloupe-y smell.

You know— that smell?
Where you walk into the kitchen and go.. wait?
Aren't all my kids potty trained??

Then you remember... oh yeah, Cantaloupe Smell.

It's been known to take out small children on their way to the fridge for a yogurt. But you know it's going to be super yummy canta-fabulous when it get's that ripe. Slice into it... splashing your cutting board with juices. Dig out the seeds and slimy pulp (and when you forget to take out the trash that night... oh MY... stink x 14!) Then chunk it up into bite sized orange ripe sweet chunks....Heaven in a smelly greenish shell.

Cantaloupe close-up

But I realize there are some out there who don't share my orgy love for the chic cantaloupe. And I realize they might enjoy Hamburger Helper more. So let's have it:

A GoodNCrazy poll:
Hamburger Helper Vs. The Cantalope

Do you:

A: Love Cantaloupe?
B: Eat Hamburger Helper for Dinner and then have Cantaloupe for dessert?
C: Hate Cantaloupe the Smell and all the Squishy Innards?
D: Think Hamburger Helper is da bomb and should be Elevated to a 5th Food Group?
E: Hate all of the above?

Photo credits: .Larry Page, royalty free image collection

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!