Indoor Boredom Ideas, Rainy Day Or 100 Degrees!

GoodnCrazy summer series Help! My kids are driving me crazy!
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Indoor Play activities: Great ideas for younger kids.. Create-a-Road and Pinch and Clip

Visit Playgroups USA Wow! what a fabulous amount of information and ideas about creating, joining and keeping your playgroup interesting! See this massive list of activities.

Rainy Day activity ideas for kids ages 6-10... I love the Family Education site for great kid fun ideas!

Anything with water! Bubbles in the sink, giving Barbies a bath, 'painting' the doors or any other hard surface with a paintbrush and a small cup of water... you get the idea...
Build a Fort.. let the kids imaginations run wild... spaceships, camping tents, or just plain playing 'house'... help them out by suggesting wacky items from the kitcen as impliments for their adventure... a spaghetti spoon becomes the magic wand that drives the UFO, a rolling pin is the steering mechinism...
What rainy day or WAY too hot day indoor activity do your kids love.. feel free to share with us!

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