My Cell Phone Photographs The World!

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3 Ways to Upload Photos from your cell phone/iPhone/Blackberry and share them with your internet pals!

Did you know you can upload photos from your phone directly to your account?
And one step better?
You can instruct Flickr to automatically post that photo to your Twitter Stream!

Yay I love this...!
(Here's a couple recent examples from a driving trip...)
Mount Shasta
There Really is a Town Called Weed
Ahh The Only Way To Travel

Simply get a Flickr account if you don't have one.
Here is the Flickr instructions for Flickr 2 Twitter!
Once you have your personal Flickr email set up:

  1. Take a photo using your phone (duh!)

  2. Choose email photo from phone.

  3. Type in your personal Flickr email address.

  4. Your subject line will become the photo's title.(It will also become your tweet).

  5. Your email body will become the description. (Remember if your phone has a 'sent from my blackberry' signature then that will also be in the description!

  6. Voilá, hit send!


Posterous is like a mini blog.. and yes I have a real blog and I micro-blog so what's this for?
I don't know. But I like to use my account for my bigger rants and more techy posts...

The uploading process is similar to Flickr. But your Posterous email address is easier to come by. You just email: and you are up and running! Try it!

Only now you are literally opening a POST with your uploaded photo.
Again, the subject line is your title, and the email body becomes your post.

Plus you can set up Posterous to automatically send out the post to your Twitter and/or Facebook stream as well.

(Apparently they spell phonetically?)

Here's one more in this same 'shoot a phone photo' out to the world vein..

Whrrl.. is kind of like flickr and posterous in one. Only a bit more tricky-tastic. You can keep adding photos to the same story so they stay together. You add captions etc... However if you use a Blackberry (like I do) you can't download a fancy-schmancy app to run whrrl for you. (Am I envious of iPhone users? YES.)

Instead, I was able to locate my personal email account but I had to contact Erin from @whrrl via twitter first to get it. But hey... talk about personal service... she DM-ed my super secret upload email address right away!

It's all still new to me so I'm working on how to share with friends/twitter/facebook from my phone?

Also you CAN start a photo story on Whrrl directly from your computer—upload photos and go! So at least you can play with it that way. Here's my first Whrrl Story:

Jumping into the HeadQuarters!

Believe me Whrrl is up and coming so don't get left holding the phone!

On a technical note, each of these sites publish 'feeds' and you can subscribe to someone's Flickr/Posterous/Whrrl account just like you do blogs.. (I know.. like I need more feeds in my reader!) Oh and yes I know you can upload photos to Facebook.. I just haven't figured it out yet!!

photo credit: Tim and Selena Middleton

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!