Dyson: Time To Get My Vacuum On!

Why do they call it the Blueprint? Here's what Dyson says:
Photobucket"Dyson DC25 BLUEPRINT is a limited edition Dyson Ball™ upright vacuum cleaner that celebrates engineers."

I Loved the tags on the vacuum, featuring several inventors including Buckminster Fuller, Charles Goodyear and Thomas Edison. With trivia facts about each. Did you know Edison tried over 2,000 different types of materials before coming up with carbonized cotton as a filament for his lightbulb??

I think the kids were just as excited as I was to get the box opened! But um.. HELLO this baby is all MINE! --{Okay I'll let them use it... but I get to NAME it!}

In the running so far:
  • Ballsy
  • Luke:IAmYourFather
  • Little Sucky Ducky
goodncrazy blue dots
The Dad and the 5yrold boy have decided on their Halloween costumes. They are going as matching Transformers. Yup... you can buy Optimus Prime Dad-sized costumes! I think I'll go as a Dyson vacuum and honestly I'll fit right in, what do you think??

Putting the bad boy together was simple and took maybe 10 minutes...

DC25 dyson limited edition blueprint

We were off and cleaning and sucking and um... grossing ourselves out in no time!

dc25 limited edition blueprint dyson

This was after only cleaning one room. ONE.

Possibly one of the coolest things about this vacuum {besides the all around cleans-my-carpets-like-a-BEAST cooness!} is how quickly and easily all the parts come apart. Cleanable? YES. Empty the cannister? Check. (No bags! Yay!) Clean out the head brush? (Well I did have to fish a quarter out of my pocket to OPEN the part holding the brush in... but sheesh! EASY!) Done.

Wanna see just how easy it is to transform this Optimus...er... vacuum into a hand held reach the hard places kid friendly kitchen floor machine??

Watch my 8yrold do it by herself!

NOTE: top ten reasons I love my Dyson is coming next week
Disclosure: Dyson provided the vacuum, I provided the dirt.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!