A Tween Turns Twelve!

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Guess who's birthday is later this week... ?
Yup the tween. She'll be 12.

ODE to the Tween
Oh to be 12 again.
To meet my first zits.
Finding out the hard way,
Showers are your friend.
Venture the halls of Jr. High.

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I'm super glad to be the mom of this particular tween.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I asked her for a booklist and a music list. She has been reading voraciously for years now, I can't keep up. It's official, I know less and less about what is going on in her life. So I give you the faves in her life. Maybe you can find a gift idea for the tween in your life??


Uglies (series) by Scott Westerfield
Midnighters (series) also by same author.
She's told me a lot about these books. One of her current faves. Strange premise, science fiction.

ANYTHING by Sharon Creech
Walk Two Moons, Ruby Holler are two she described to me in detail. I think she's read every single book Ms. Creech has ever written!

Fablehaven (series) by Brandon Mull
Candy Shoppe War (same author)
We once got to meet Mr. Mull at a book signing!

Anything by Gail Carson Levine
(esp. Fairest, her note)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (series) by Rick Riordan
(I have it on good knowledge that she is literally dying to get her hands on the 4th and newest book... um... don't tell her... I think it might be stashed somewhere ready to wrap itself up for her! Shhhh.)

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke
Also Inkheart by same author.
(She left me a note: "did not like the next books in the inkheart series.")

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
(She stayed up nights reading the whole series in a matter of months.)

Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George

The City of Ember by Jeane Duprau
(She notes that she didn't like the next books in the series.)


Falling Down - Selena Gomez
(She tells me she like pretty much all of her music)

Taylor Swift (The whole kit and kaboodle.. surprise huh?)

Jordan Sparks (Ditto)

Songs from the Movie 'Another Cinderella Story' and 'Spectacular'
Not familiar with those movies...?
What... you don't watch the Disney Channel nonstop?

Crush- David Archuleta
(I think she has the crush.)

All the Songs from Wicked
Me too... we are so working on a plan to see this play.. someday... somehow.

What are we missing? What does your tween LOVE?

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!