Are you Drunk?

One more new category. Current passions. Could be crafting or something to do with the kids’ school or figuring out how to alter my blog’s background image (for hours and hours and even when I find the right code to make it stop that annoying tiling effect it ends up still being the wrong size)(!)---oh, sorry, a little rant there. See what I mean, current passions?

This is similar to the quilt I am currently working on. It's called Drunkard's Path. Is that the best name for a quilt or what?
I have all the red cut, and need to find just the right white material. Do I use a real plain white fabric, or one with a little white on white pattern? I will post some pictures of the ongoing work on it.

Another photo of a finished quilt with same pattern (not mine).
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Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!