Wally World Here We Come!

We made it. Got up at 4AM (turning into my father). 10 hour drive (took us 12 including Diet Coke pee breaks, breakfast and lunch). The kids were amazingly well behaved, even slept some of that early morning part. I have a feeling their happy countenances had something to do with DVD induced comas via cordless headphones. In fact they were so good, I just might relent and let them all drag me along to the despicable D-place. More on that IF we go..
Doing a 'hook-up' for the camera, even her eyes are crossed!
He can't hear me, but he sees the camera and says cheese!
Too busy reading to watch the movie.

Ain't he sexy, Tom Cruise gots nuthin' on him?

Frames and embellishments from ShabbyPrincess.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!