A Painful Glimpse

I was going to post about my birthday... but that's bo-ooor-ing
I'm ranting.

Where is the pot-lickin' TAPE?

And don't tell me you can see it there in the front of the drawer. No.

Because that tape. The one clearly marked Mom's is GONE. I mean you only want tape
When. You. Need. It.

And just in case you think I'm tidy enough to only have one junk drawer...
Oh no. I have three.

What's that? No one says Pot-Lickin'? When the dog was naughty my Grandfather would yell and say, "you little POT-LICKER"! And sometimes that's exactly the right phrase to describe my sweet kids.

Happy Birthday to me.


the barker bunch said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Doing anything fun tonight??? Hope so have a good one!

ButlerFamily said...

OMG (see how hip I can be!) I have been where you are at! Hint: Hide your stuff in a KOTEX BOX, even the girls won't look there! In mine I have a tape measure, duck tape, regular tape, and yes a hammer. (I bought the mega size one time.) They never never look there!
Obvisously, labeling does not work!


Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

Happy Birthday. Did your husband take any of your hints on the birthday ideas? I hope you have a great day.

Steph said...

I hate when that happens! Happy Birthday and thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday! My hubby says pot-licker sometimes too! Funny stuff!
Thanks for the comment on my blog, I loves me some new bloggy friends! And in Utah too! :)

Anonymous said...

What's up with that third comment? You think a husband is really going to (1) read his wife's blog in the first place or
(2) buy her a $700 camera or a $150 purse for her birthday? Were those supposed to be hints? Does money grow on trees where you live? How about the hubby cleans out the junk drawers, buys a six-pack of scotch tape, and tells her she's sexy no matter how old she is? And then enjoys one o'them nice sprout n' avocado samwiches.

Good & Crazy said...

Dear 'Anonymous',

I love you even without a fabulous camera, or a stylin bag. I even love you despite my thunder thighs.

And seriously I would LOVE a six pack (of tape) for my birthday!

Your wife.

Good & Crazy said...

Wow, thank you all so much for comin' over today! I think this is a record comment day for Good&Crazy! And on my birthday no less.

Let's do it again next year.

Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

I tagged you on my blog. All you have to do is copy, paste and change the answers! I am glad you had a great birthday, even though your anonymous husband didn't take any of your hints. You really need to get yourself that camera though. You are to good at Photoshop and that kind of stuff not to treat yourself to a nice camera! You should plant one of those money trees anonymous was talking about! They grow great in the Utah climate! lol!
Have a great day.

Amz said...

Happy Belated birthday! You crack me up! Glad to know there are other people out there with 3 junk drawers!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!