Gentle as a Freight Train

This is the day after.
Friday night TK split open his eyebrow. He did it at the neighbor's house, while a babysitter was there, of course. The poor teenage girl. She was a trooper, she had it all cleaned up and a baggie full of ice on it, by the time she brought him over to us. Plus TK was all calmed down and didn't seem to be hurting at all? She really got the worst of it, the blood and the crying. I took one look at it and knew we were headed in for stitches. He wailed when he realized we were going to the Dr. 'Noooooo, I don't want to go to the Dr.!'
Why, I said, and he replied/whined, 'I don't waaaant a SHOT'!
A big 'ole shot, and 11, (ELEVEN!) stitches, and another shot later... (because the first one wasn't enough for the edges). Here is my little Frankenstein.
These first two pictures were taken the day after. I think I'm happy to report that it did not dawn on me to grab the camera for shots of the actual trauma. I did take a cell phone shot in the waiting room during some relative calm. (But I can't figure out how to download the pictures from the phone)
How's this for a sad shot? We're back from church. This is the second day after the trauma and in order to go outside he MUST have a hat on (Doctor's orders). But we don't have a boy hat. Only this girly hat. And although in this shot he seems annoyed about the hat...he isn't. He is annoyed with me taking another picture. He doesn't mind the hat at all! I promise we are going to Target--I know, I only made one week--for a hat for him, it's an emergency, I swear!
Here's a close up today. I was trying to document the green and orange bruising. Notice just how jaggeddy the scar is going to be. Ahhh, my little boy.


Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

OUCH! Good Job babysitter, what a trooper to clean it all up! It is so sad when your kids get hurt. I hate sitting in the ER waiting to get them help. Have a better day!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Oh, I fear having to go through this with my kids!! Sounds like she was a great babysitter and handled it well! Your son looks like he isn't thrilled with the stitches. Poor guy!

angie said...

OUCH......I'm getting a little woozy just looking at it! :)

ButlerFamily said...

O, Poor baby! You must have a level headed babysitter!

Sounds like you had a hectic weekend!


Anonymous said...

"In this corner, Rockeeeee Balboaaaaaa."

Virginia said...

Oh, My! I'm so sorry. Looks like it might be high enough so the scar isn't too visible. Tell the Baby Sitter thanks from Grandma

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that had to happen, I love you so much. The babby sitter was trained good to know what to do for you, Thank you baby sitter.
You are such a good boy, I will see you soon.I send loots of hugs and kisses to you,
Grandma Bishop

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!