In a sea of Blondes

Friends out for a birthday brunch. Could I be any less blond? And yes breakfast was yummy and VERY large. We were at a little local place where everything is homemade. If you're in SLC you must try out Dough Boyzz.
Can you guess how old I am?


ButlerFamily said...

You said you met your husband in college in 1993...I'm guessing 33-35...

angie said...

Please don't be offended, but I'm guessing you are close to my age........around 33 or 34. Not because of how you look (hard to see any wrinkles you may have in that picture (ha ha), but from what I've inferred from what I've read. Are you going to reveal?

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!