What do you do when your kid calls from school to tell you he/she forgot something?

Do you
a. Run right down with the forgotten item and give them a kiss and wipe their nose while you're at it?
b. Tell them, wow, that's sad. What are you going to do about it?
c. Pretend you have an important meeting you can't be late for and therefore can't bring in forgetful's stuff?

I'll let you know what I did later today. I'm off to that important meeting that I can't be late for.

I'm back. It's later.

First of all she knew better than to call at all. Starting this year, my kids know I do not bring in forgotten clarinets, homework, lunch boxes (they buy their own in that case!) or class pets. (well maybe class pets--stinky ones anyway). But at the end of her call she reminded me that I was scheduled to come in and volunteer at the school anyway, so could I pleeeaaase bring in her instrument for band? I relented. I figured since she reminded me (I had completely forgotten) it was okay. What was I going to say? No. I'll be there in an hour, but I won't bring the clarinet?


ButlerFamily said...


Leaving for school..."Do you have everything for school?" Kid says "YES, DUH..."

Kid calls from Teacher's Cell Phone: I forgot my project that is due today.
Answer: Im at work, project is 7 miles in the country...I can't get it.
Kid:Thanks, you just got me a big fat 0.

How did I do this?

angie said...

Ha ha ha. I guess it depends on the item. If it was a really big deal, then I'd take it to them. Otherwise I'd tell them they just have to explain to the teacher that they forgot it and will have to bring it tomorrow. I'm not a nice mom that way. One time I got a call that my daughter had fallen in the mud about 45 minutes before school was going to end. They asked me to bring her clothes and I firmly said "No". Have her clean up as best she can and go back to class......less than an hour left of school? No way.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!