TK got his stitches out. He was a real prince. He laid there and was calm for the first ½ of the removal. By then it was hurting him and he was whimpering, but that’s about it. Oh, and my friend with 3 boys, took pity on him and lent us a ‘boy’ cap.



Also we all had our teeth cleaned at the dentist. Mom got a clean bill of teeth health, and all three kids have some small minor cavities?

How's this for cool dude at the dentist?

But this part was new to me. Has anyone else had a Dentist prescribe a mild sedative for a kid? I’m to pick up valium a prescription for each of the younger two, and then give it to them one hour before their cavity visit. This doesn’t take the place of shots or anything, just meant to calm them. But sheesh, part of me thinks that’s a bit much? Well, TK isn’t yet 4, so maybe not? But for the 7yrold?

I’ve never tried sedation dentistry, (too expensive) I don’t know if I’d be a good candidate. It’s not so much the pain and fear that gets me, it’s the way my body responds to the novocaine. I get chills and sweats and don’t recover too well, I’m kind of loopy and can’t drive myself home afterwards. I pay for the laughing gas instead!

More on the medical front. I get to have a bunionectomy! Doesn’t that sound fun? Not. I’ve put it off for 15 years, and my husband pretty much can’t stand the whining anymore. I had the first foot done back when I was 19 (he didn’t even know me then so what does he know about whinning!), it was so painful I pretty much never planned to get the second one done. Plus the part about 3 weeks of crutches…moms just aren’t allowed that kind of luxury, you know? But after this winter, the pain I am currently in seems worth the hassle and additional pain I’ll be in for. And guess what? Turns out this foot isn’t anywhere near as bad as the other foot way back when. It will be a smaller incision, less mean of a bone cut and best of all no crutches! I’ll be able to bear weight from the get go—oh joy! Now I have to get up the nerve to actually schedule the surgery. I know, I know-- you are thinking—weeny-hypocrite. Didn’t you just post about the evils of elective surgeries? Yup I did. And yup, I admit it. But I you still can’t talk me into getting a boob job.
(I was going to take a picture of my cute bunion...I'll spare you.)

PS. blogger is not happy about uploading photos right now...acting weird.

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angie said...

Yikes. A bun...whatever sounds pretty terrible. GOod luck with that one. I hope you let RS bring you a few dinners. SOunds like you'll need them!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!