'Toting' my own horn

I have sold 4 of my little bags so far! None of them through Etsy, which is about what I figured? Word of mouth is worth more than pretty much anything else, eh?

I've worked up a couple new bag prototypes, what do you think?

I call this design, 'Emilie'.

And I call this one 'MiMi'.
I am digging the Asian print. I have been drooling over some Japanese fabrics. And I am still trying to get up the courage to buy this fabric--it seems sort of above me?

I've priced the new purses on Etsy for $15. Does that seem too high? I swear I'm only paying myself $5 an hour. But still I have no idea how to price these?

And here are some new headbands! I am so totally loving these. I kinda figure the wide ones are for adults (I love to wear them). But I have my girls modeling both the wide ones (3 3/4 inch) and the 2 1/4 inch ones. I'd like to sell these as well...we'll see? I am pricing the smaller ones at $3, and the wider ones at $5. But I would happily take $1 off of two (2 small ones for $5).


angie said...

I think the Emilie is ADORABLE! The headbands are great as well, and the pricing is very affordable.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you are selling some. I'd totally buy a wide headband. I love them...especially when I'm in need of highlights. They cover up the dark roots really well!!!

Good & Crazy said...

Well, there you go. I'll start calling them:

Highlight Hovers
Yes, my name is Highlight Headband!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!