A Blogger Story.

I have a little blogging story to tell you.

I began my blog (this blog) 7 months ago. And in that month, I entered exactly one post.
And I felt stupid. Wanna see that first post? No? I thought so.

Then a month later, I wrote another post. A real one this time. It was okay. But still felt kinda dumb.

My SIL emailed me the very next month, to tell me that she was starting a blog, and did I want to read it. Well, yeah. Actually. I did. And I was totally jealous. I was all...if she can do that and not feel dumb about sharing with the WHOLE WORLD. Than dang-git, I could too. And I banged out this post. And yeah, I know. You don't care about all that.

But just like that I was hooked. And just like a lot of you (and by that I mean all of you) I was addicted. I added google ads, but that was pointless. I thought about adding Blogher ads, but haven't....yet.

I began getting a few comments. I began reading and (once I was brave enough), commenting on a lot of blogs. A LOT.

I began teaching myself about any and everything I could google or read about blogging. I kept on blogging. And reading. And fast forward to now.

I was just kicked off AllMediocre.com! Just like that. I mean, I was good to them wasn't I? I added their button dutifully. I blogged about them here. And I didn't have to jump any hoops or anything, I just asked Megan to be added to her list of blogs. I even just made a sale on my shopblog off a direct referral from AllMediocre.com. In fact... I love her. Sniff...Sniff.

Would you like to know why? Why I've been banned from their all powerful LIST?


Yup. I didn't even know there was a fight going on? And I certainly had no idea who Guy Kawasaki was. (I still don't, but anyway). Turns out if you make it onto AllTop.com, you get booted from Allmediocre.com. Are you following me? Because I'm all, All these All's are kind of making my head spin. And my ego.

My blog made it onto Alltop.com in the mommy section. And here's the best part. I got booted off Allmediocre.com in order to have my blog listed in a dead heat for last place on Alltop.com? Classic, eh?

So there's my story. Go figure.

And then go add your blog to Allmediocre.com. And kiss Megan when you get there, because she stopped taking my calls.

Megan has begun taking my calls. (you can see her comment below) And she cleared up all the HISTORY for me. Click that and you will understand now too. Guy (by the way) has NOT called. So that should tell you something! I'm starting to think AllMediocre was/is the better choice! Thanks Megan for understanding all the same.



United Studies said...

Ummm....kinda sounds like high school all over again, doesn't it? If you are friends with her then I am not going to be friends with you.


Amy in Ohio said...


Sorry to see you leave the halls of All Mediocre - but congrats on All Top!

I don't know Guy Kawasaki (sp?) either, but I don't think we're supposed to publicly confess it.

Anonymous said...

Huh - I had never, ever heard of All Mediocre until I read this post. In fact, when I first read it, I thought it was like, a fake site making fun of Alltop or something. Ha! It's all good. It's a big internet. There's room for everyone!

A Mom Two Boys said...

I did NOT stop taking your calls. Stop it. You're making me sound bad.

AllMediocre started when Alltop was created and LOTS and LOTS of us felt left out. SO, I came up with the idea, with permission from Guy K (who created Alltop), to knock-off his site. To promote the blogs that weren't Alltop "worthy." That's why you can't be on both. If you make it to Alltop, you're technically not "mediocre" and shouldn't need to be on AllMediocre. Make sense?! Can you let Jacki know it's all in good fun? I think she's mad at me.

Unknown said...

Just letting you know...DD took the pictures...isn't she good!! Thanks for stopping by!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Ha! Thanks...and as I said in my email to you, you are welcome back at AllMediocre if you ever want to come back. :0)

SP said...

Congrats on your new digs at AllTop. Well deserved. You will still talk to us now that you're part of the cool crowd, won't you?

MadMad said...

"All" this is making my head spin. I have no idea what any of it is, but it sounds like a good thing. So congrats!

Givinya De Elba said...

Congratulations to Good and Crazy People on making Alltop - I was stoked for you when I read it on All Mediocre last night. But I was also sad to lose you from All Mediocre. Sorry you didn't understand it at first, and I hope Jacki gets it now. Meghan was sad to lose you from the All Mediocre blogroll!

Well I got it in my head that you were now sort of new and different, being ALLTOP and everything. I saw you stopped by my blog and had the kindness to write a comment about my ghastly post about snot and thought, "Wow, Good and Crazy is big and special and ALLTOP, but still has time for the little blogs!" Thanks for being so nice!

Givinya De Elba said...

And how nice are you for saying that All Mediocre is perhaps the better choice? My blog will never make it to Alltop. Ever. And that was making me feel a little bit sad, even though I've really enjoyed being a part of All Mediocre and The Secret Is In The Sauce.

When I read that you thought that All Mediocre might be the better choice, I felt okay about it. I may never be on TOP, but embracing my MEDIOCRITY is a pretty good option.

Thanks for restoring my faith in self.

Anonymous said...

That a bummer you got kicked off..that's annoying!!

Claremont First Ward said...

Wow, who would've known?

Unknown said...

Is there an AllLame site, cuz maybe that's what I'd qualify for... just kidding. I haven't heard of either of these sites, but it sounds like you are now eating at the cool lunch table my friend... and I'm proud I knew you back when you were at the, um, not-cool lunch table.

Threeundertwo said...

I didn't know about any of this stuff until a few weeks ago, so I consider you wise and deeply experienced in the whole blogging thing. Congratulations on making Alltop!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!