Boredom Buster Summer Ideas for Kids

Welcome to the Summer '08 Boredom Buster Series!
Please enjoy and then take a peak at this year's Series!

This summer my girls have made a list.

A very long list. Complete with categories. Complete with 8 different 30 minute activities per day. That's a total of 4 hours of don't ask mom, "What can I do?"
Because Mom will reply, "have you checked the LIST?".

First item on the list:


They spent most of an HOUR (think about that...a whole hour entertaining themselves) reading through a couple kid cookbooks and all my back issues of Everyday Food.


They came up with lots of things they can make.


They made a list of ingredients we didn't have on hand.

And after Dad (with mom riding the Jazzy rider thing in the grocery know the one...Hey. It was my first outing after the foot surgery) bought those necessary ingredients...

They made Strawberry Bread. Yup. After pouring over cookbooks. They weren't going to start out small. No. Sir. Ree.

See the little loaf pans, ready to enter the oven? Yeah, they can't see 'em either.

Because what's the point of cooking anything until you've licked the beaters, eh?

Suggested Serving? WITH cream cheese. And they put it on the list and we bought it. You bet your beautiful patooti they were eating it WITH cream cheese.
And it WAS good with cream cheese. (But it smelled better.)

Would you like to know what else is on their Summertime Doldrums List?
Cuz, I'll be posting it next week.

(see Part II, and part III.)


Julie said...

Congrats on being featured! I actually saw you on there this morning. If you're interested in a custom blog you can check out
I have all my info there!

United Studies said... sweet! Even though she is only 4, Emma loves to help me cook and is so into cookbooks. We usually record Martha Stewart on our DVR, then watch it in the evenings while we do our baking.

Jaime said...

So fun! My boys love to help me cook. A few more years and maybe I'll let them try it on their own.
MMmmmmm....strawberry bread!:)

Michelle said...

Looks like such fun! I scrolled down and used your tips to fix my header thanks!

Abby said...! they are lucky to have a motehr like you..that was like a dream to me when i was little..i dream about baking, but my mom won't let me make a mess in the kitchen!

ChefDruck said...

What a great idea - making a list to deal with "I don't know what to do..."

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!