Little Children big Personalities


Business first.

I just added 8 new blogs to my bloglist. EIGHT in one day. That means 8 new people commented on this here blog, folks that haven't been here before, folks I do not know. But now I do.
And drumroll please. There are 50 blogs on that list. FIFTY. I'm dying. And I'm thrilled. And if I divide that by weeks in August...that would be....12/13 blogs per week I get to highlight and gush about and blog blog blog about. You all rock.

Now for the real post. To answer yesterday's question? Yin and Yang, who's more like who?

There were a few guesses. (And one who said, I just barely met you, how can I compare kids I've never met to you, who I've never met? --Good point.) And they were right and wrong. AND you made me think hard about how this genetic offspring 50% of my genes thing works.

My kids contain vast differences, but the funny thing is some of those differences favor me, and some him.

Yin (Sadie the oldest) is more like her father when it comes to money. I'm the tightwad like Yang. Although it was pointed out to me that I did mention hubby won't let me spend the President Bush money on a new piano...
But personality-wise, Yang (Sassy the 7yrold) is very much more like her father. Silly and funny and laughs. Sarcastic is more my style.

I'll work on silly and funny.


noble pig said...

That's a lot of new blogs! Nice to meet you!

Melanie said...

We were at Crater Lake yesterday. My family lives a little over and hour away. I grew up all over in Oregon and really miss it, so it's nice to come home. When are you moving and where?

jenny-up the hill said...

I was coming over to thank you for leaving a comment are the first comment I've had since 9am this morning...I was starting to feel completely unloved! lol!! And what do I find when I get here???? You've added my link and a blurb about me blogging today at the top of your blog....I am so touched!! Really, you've made my heart smile!!

Kaye Butler said...

Wow! I had it all wrong. Did I mention I'M GOING ON VACATION?????

This is the bummer...I'm having to work today(Sat) to finish what I didn't get done on Friday, so I can go on vacation.


Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

LOL...I see so much of a mix in our kids...I can say.."this is me" "that is him"'s funny...

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!