August Dog Days continues...

The next blog on our rainbow tour... (which makes me start humming Evita).

Yet again, another blog greatly named.

And the author? YesMyNameIsArizona. Well, who else would it be?
She keeps me hopping just hearing about her twin baby girls and older brother and Greek shoe-whacking Yia-Yia. And you want to know a secret? She was darn near the first person to 'talk' to me online. She's like my first blog-friend. I think I first saw a comment from her on Scribbit's blog. And I followed over to her blog, and I was hooked. The first entry I ever read of her's was about how to say SpongeBob in Greek. Now who doesn't need to know that!?

I believe I may have corrupted her into getting hooked on Twitter. So add her to your follow list, she deserves it.

Today's second Blog of Note:

Another oldie but a goodie? I don't mean her! Turns out Kaye's the same age as I am (Okay we're both old). I mean she read my blog back when it was a tiny newborn, still drinking it's mother's milk.
The Butler Diaries

And if you want some hi-jinx at the local small town funeral home? (I kid you not it's called Kernodle Funeral Home). This is the blog for you. And if you want some Taco Tuesdays (on Mondays) then there you go. How about some public relations advice? Sure.

She also cuts her friends hair, built a deck this summer, and survived the 2008 floods. Oh and is raising two teenagers during all this. The very next time I am in Arkansas, I am so stopping by her neck of the woods. (Tell Tim I'd like to try out the pool!) I'm working on getting her hooked on Twitter Crack. Everyone please stop by her blog and beg her to join...! I'll be so grateful.


Claremont First Ward said... must be through Arizona that you found the circle of momo moms! :)

Jaime said...

I was actually wondering how you got in with all the momos as well. Glad you did!:)

Kaye Butler said...

Wow...I'm speechless...

Its kind of empowering to see your blog raved about on someone else's blog....

Thank you...and you can stop by anytime and take a dip...

Scribbit said...

I agree--she's great. I tend to think that if she were next door it wouldn't be crazy at all but lots of fun.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!