Dog Days of You: My Crafty Pals.


Did anyone even notice that I was missing? As in TOTAL SYSTEM FAILURE missing?

As in. It's one thing to go without internet for a few measly days while on vacation no less! But OH. MY. HECK. Complete meltdown! Still don't know if I've lost the photos. THE PHOTOS! {Gnashing of Teeth noises}

Computer is back. My sweet baby. I guess it could be worse if one of my kids were sick?? Maybe...And right now the worst part is I don't have time to download firefox. Stuck using IE6, now that is the definition of Hell.

Back to the plan. My recent new crafty pals for today's August Dog Days of You.

Today's Creative Blog


At Home Redesigns

Oh my-so exciting and so fun to check in with these two like everyday. Okay. Sometimes 2x a day? Three?

Kim {AKA 'Scraptomylu'} is the brains behind Today's Creative Blog.

And don't let her feature presentation blog niche fool you, she is a charm of a creative gal all by herself. See her other blog Scrap To My Lu for lots of examples! As she says it: She's a Crazy, Crafty, Decorating, Fitness Instructor Mom. Whew! Tuesday's Post on TCB is a perfect example of why I was so drawn in to her blogging world. It is soooo a world of beauty. And I've found some seriously fun new bloggy friends thanks due expressly to Kim! You will too...(here's an example of exactly a feature Kim did and now I'll be featuring her too! have to wait.)

My second crafty pal today really should be called

Decorating Diva Extraordinare!

Mary Harrington is a professional room re-designer and real estate stager...I thought those kind of amazing creative people only existed inside my TV on HGTV? Mary, if you are real...will you PLEASE come over and stage my house! Oh my gosh(!), we need to sell the dang thing in less than 30 days! I think she could do it, too. See this post. First. If I had that mantle and she could do the magic? Can you say SOLD! Second. If I had that Star, I'd keep the house!

And I was so impressed with the easy changes here. {Note the funny post title.} Next, for absolute sureness, this is my mostest favorite of her re-designs. Holy Batman! I love the 'new' room! How much does her services cost? Cuz I'm serious. I need her help! Maybe I could take up a donation?

I've made you curious haven't I? Go ahead. Click away from Good and Crazy. I'll be back in September...I hope?

And PS. Remember the dang foot surgery a few months ago? All was well, until a sharp stabbing pain under my big toe began to feel just like I'm walking on broken glass...{are you singing yet?} But it does. LIKE GLASS. And lucky me I get a second surgery today. To remove the SCREW. The one that wasn't supposed to need to be removed? (Sorry Linda over at ShortPump, it seems that I lied about it all being easy peasy and roses.) I'll be grogged out tomorrow but please let me be back by Thursday! Enjoy the two above blogs today instead.. The Management.



Sarah said...

Again, thanks for the awesome links - loving all of them!!

Also, I can't get that song out of my head: "walkin on walkin on broken glass"

Kimba said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hang in there with the whole moving process. It's definitely draining but you can do it! Feel free to stop by anytime you need a little sympathy. :-)

JenniBeanV said...

Ack! I'm sorry to hear your foot it still giving you crap! I hope the surgery goes well and that you make a speedy recovery!

Thanks for the blog links! I am checkin' them out!

Good N Crazy said...

Oh Thank you all! I don't mean to freak anyone out. They call it 'surgery' but only because I still have to go to the hospital. Because they need to use a big machine that guides in the teeny-tiny screw-driver. Well, and I'll still get sedated, there's that. But still? Thanks.

At Home Redesigns said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out! I'm very flattered!

Sorry about your computer...and surgery! Here's hoping for a better September!

Thanks again!

Melissa said...

Aaaww, honey - that's too much going on! Moving, selling the house, foot badness..... I am thinking of you & sending some happiness and good-times-ahead energy your way :)

(and of course I missed you when you were gone!)

(ps - are you entering the dairy-recipe contest over at pioneer? I've been thinking all mornng about it.... boy I want to win!)

Kaye Butler said...

Oh my gosh! I hate to hear that you are going under the knife again...

Thanks to Sarah for getting the walkin on broken glass song stuck in my head...

Of course I missed you...but you did have that phone thingy with the internet!

Jaime said...

Oh that so sucks about your foot! As if moving with two healthy feet isn't enough. Hope it all works out for you!:)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

how nice! Such nice words, thank you!

angie said...

Of course we missed you. I assumed you were having that crappy screw'd it go?

Bonnie the Boss said...

I so sorry you had to go in for another surgery!!! I hope it feels better. I am also sorry I am so behind!! I am a big dorkey dork! I just got behind this summer and haven't been able to catch up. Can I bring you anything?

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!