Dog Days of You: Some Old, Some new, Some Inbetween

Meet Laura.
Mother to 4 kids.
The youngest are twins.
I think she falls into the known-her-for-a-while-blog category.
Thanks to Arizona (in one of my previous August features) I seem to have hit the mother lode of twin blogs. Not just any twin blogs. But Monoamniotic Twin blogs. What does that mean? Only one sac. It's rare. And I think I know all 12 of the moms online! Laura explains it all much better here..
Something else very cool about Laura? Hair. Yup. I've read a lot of posts about hair on her blog. This one is famous in the twin blogging world. But I like this one MUCH BETTER. Grin. I also got a kick out of her 300th post, 100 list. Don't worry it was only 70... And then it wasn't... She's a hoot. Enjoy.

Next up...a newby. To me anyway.

Sapid Existence
Photo Blog by Chris Osborne.
I pretend to be a photographer. And I'm sort of addicted to photo blogs.
I believe the Great Cecily R. is to blame for this one. I'm pretty sure I found Sapid through her photostory Friday links.
In fact this picture is one of the first ones I ever saw. And it totally takes me back to high school. Right after a meet up like this, we would turn around and yell 'ACE!' and then dive out in a circle. I know. Geeky. And then please notice the picture right after entitled Reflecting-Pool. It rocks. I love photo blogs.

And now...
A couple tweeners.
As in in-betweeners. Known 'em for a while, but not too long.

Compost Happens.
Again with the terrific blog name? You have to agree it's a great name!
And the wallpaper on her site (it's new)? How it's all plants and stuff, following the theme?
I know. Cool.
Let's see...What do I know about her. Well, her name for one. Daisy. Even her name is great! And she's a school teacher, elementary. And she judges piano competitions in her spare time (as if she has any). And she's a twitter freak. (Guess what her twitter name is? Yup. DDaisy.) And she takes LONG driving vacations.(read down to the best bumper sticker and the second post bumper sticker too!) And she has a kid in college and one at home. And I don't know much about her husband, but he makes fun of her for taking pictures of her compost heap (but I love those photos). And she's just plain nice to me. So that's worth it all, eh?

I know, a lot today. But I might not get back here for a couple days so I had to stock up. Last one for today...

Thou Shalt Not Whine
I am so going to have a contest at the end of all this.
And you will have to vote for the best blog name.
Cuz. Doesn't this one kill you? And the actual URL is:
AndIMeanIt! Get it? And I Mean it?? anyway...

Jill cracks me up. Again, I should really post some of the emails she's sent me. She is mom to 4 kids. And I wanted to mention her post about bread making. But Tuesday's post is too funny to be talking about bread. And her kid has my same kid OCD problem. There are potty training issues at her house(in case you and yours might be suffering the same). And I think she bought this, because of those issues. And this post just made me laugh. And she lives in Utah!? Small world. I haven't meet her in real life, which is always a weird thought ain't it? But I'd like to.



Laura said...

Thanks for featuring me. I always wondered who you found first and how :)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Jill is one of my faves too. One of my favorite comments from her is when she told my oldest his story about his scar on his face needed to have flying monkeys!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!