First Evah! TWITTER GNO...

(Tuesday Sept. 16th)
Hey friends and friends of friends!

Rogbark (That's me!)
Jyl_MommyGossip will be there from MommyGossip
Sabrie will be there from Straight To Your Heart
SuperJaim will be there from The Heiner Clan
TheButlerDiary will be there from TheButlerDiaries
LinneyShvede will be there from Short Pump Preppy
3_Diva_Girls will be there from It's a Wildtree Kind of Life
ShakeTheSalt will be there from ShakeTheSalt
JenniBeanV will be there from JiggetyJig But it will so be LATE for her!
PrincessandPeas will be there from ThePrincess and ThePeas (But she'll be late)
ItsArizona will be there from The Craftivist
Angie will NOT be there...she had some lame excuse about Bunco...bah! But follow her anyway, she promises to come next time? From SevenClownCircus
PoshPointofView will be there from PoshPointofView
firelein6 will be there from Firelein Tomfoolery
Cutiebootycakes will be there from Cutiebootycakes.
chrnclesofamomy will be there from Chronicles of a Mommy
pennies will be there from PenniesinmyPocket
lalababy will be there
BeckyB16 will be there
cynkw2 will be there

Are you already following these Twitter babes? You should be!

Join us for a first ever Twitter Girl's Night Out... We are meeting TONIGHT for chitchat, laughs, and silliness (You'll have to bring your own drinks of course..the strongest I ever have around are Mountain Dew and Tension Tamer Tea! Maybe I could mix the two? Ohhh really tempting eh?)

If you don't have a twitter account...GO MAKE ONE!

Choose a great username that your bloggy friends will recognize.
I wish I would have chosen a better one, but anything good&crazy related was duh...I should have chosen Carissa_goodncrazy. Oh well, THAT's what YOU can do!

Once you get your twitter account up and running, come back here and click all the people you see listed here one at a time and it will link to their 'profile' page where you can click to 'follow' them. Still don't get it? Don't worry, it will be like a mini figure out Twitter class all night long --I promise.

That's it! We will all be meeting:
Tuesday night at 10PM Utah time, 9PM Pacific Time (Oregonians welcome!), and my friend Arizona? What time will it be there in Chicago? I forget? 11PM? I hope you are still up! And Jocasta? Should be WAY early for you? And Kaye from Arkansas? Can you stay up past your bedtime? See you there!

If you leave a comment here with your twitter name and URL I will add you to the list for others to 'follow' you. Check back often to update your twitter pals. (your URL should look something like: --my url)

Who knows. If it's a hit, we'll try it again next month! Now go tell your friends!

And now a little plug for Holly Doodle Designs! I won one of her auctions for NieNie! Everyone run over to her site and look over her work, I promise you won't be sorry!


Kaye Butler said...

Um, this is so sad...but could you look on your followers and tell me what my sign in name is?

How sad is it to forget your own url?

Linda S said...

I wanna play...@linneyshvede

sounds like fun...

Kaye Butler said...

YES! How did I find out my url...I got a TWITTER FOLLOWING from superjam!!!! Then I check your blog!

I need to write these things down!

Kristie said...

What a unique and FUN idea! I wanna play! I got your blog link from a friend on twitter :-)

JenniBeanV said...

Pretend I am an not very smart for a second...what time would that be on the East Coast?

Jocasta said...

It's 4pm Wednesday for me and I'll be taking Trelise to ballet and back home 5 - 5.30 - we stop for ice-cream on the way home!!!

Add me and I'll check to see if you are all still up!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Sure, I'll stay up past my bedtime! My twitter name is ItsArizona. My URL is Is there an URL for my twitter? I have no idea......

angie said...

Well, I joined Twitter mostly from your recommendation. I would love to Twitter with you, but I'll be off playing bunco. Have fun, girls!

angie said...

Phew. You just highlighted my lame excuse. Could have been worse. Lame excuse, but sadly, true. :)

Linda S said...

you do understand I have to drink a redbull before my glass of wine so I can stay up with you guys...

Mikki said...

OK, my name is Mikki, my twitter user name is firelein6 and my url is

however, I'm not sure if I did my twitter account properly. I will definitley try to be joining you ladies this evening. :o)

Kristen Andrews said...

ooh I missed out, hope it was fun!

robin said...

okay, i feel like i'm 100 years old cause I'm soooo confused! I'm all set up but I don't get how to follow people if I don't know their email address!?!?

Shauna said...

I wanna me me....

Mekhismom said...

I will join. Cutiebootycakes

Kacey Randolph said...

I SO want to join in the fun! I'm thinking it may be too late for me though - only because I have not slept in the last few days from being sick. UGH! I made an account though and hopt to be able to hang out next time. If the babies get me u I'll be sure to check in! Have fun ladies!

Here's my url:

Pennies In My Pocket said...

OK, I'm there- I JUST signed up for Twitter and haven't a CLUE what I'm doing...

Here's my Twitter address:

Hope I can figure this out!


Shauna said...

ok...I totally lied...I am so going to bed. :) Would love to have a GNO....but I played newborn-baby-mama last night and OMG...I forgot how tough it was! Anyhow - email me when we have another one.

Stephanie said...

I'll give it a go

What do we do now.

Lady in Waiting said...

Are you still there!?!!?

Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...

Sorry I missed it but let me know next time & hopefully something close to EST ~ what's Utah, 2 hours off from EST? zzzzz

Sounds like fun!

Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...


Follow me

Follow Moomettesgram on Twitter

Melanie said...

Oh,, I totally missed New York (I guess that was more important tehe)...let me know next time cause I will play!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!