Church Chat

Mormons are strange. I should know. I am one.

We have this belief that God is like a loving Father who lives up in Heaven. We often start out prayers with: Heavenly Father...

We have this second belief that Jesus Christ is pretty much the oldest child of that Heavenly Father. That Christ is a Son of God. And we are also sons and daughters of God. So Jesus Christ could also be thought of as our older brother? We close a prayer with: In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. He's like the mailman older brother for our prayers.

We have a third belief that the Holy Spirit is exactly that. A spirit. That if you listen with your heart more than your head, this spirit will guide you.

Now for a story.

I have a friend who I know from New Jersey.

One day she left my house with her little boys. I proceeded to think about what to make for dinner. And then I had this nagging itch to shake out my back door's rug ...RIGHT NOW. It was nasty. And it had been for a while. I had so been ignoring all the dirt clods building up. But FINE, I opened the back door and began shaking that rug.

And right then I heard the loudest Mommy scream I have maybe ever heard.

And I lost the next 5 seconds of my life.

I can't remember what happened next. All I know is when I snapped to...there was a four year old under my butt and I was sitting in the front seat of my friend's Durango with my foot on the brake.

See. Her little boy had fallen and scraped his knee and while she was helping him, the older brother jumped into the front seat of the truck and managed to get it into reverse and it was gaining speed and heading down the driveway into a busy street....

My friend ran up to us and yelled at me. What are you doing! You could have been hurt! I was still in shock and not sure WHAT I had done?

She then said:

"I'm SO glad you're a Mormon!"

I kept thinking I'm so glad I went to shake out that dirt filled rug. If I had ignored the silly prompt....?

We have this funny other belief. That we can totally live with our family IN heaven. Crazy huh? It should be one giant rockin' family reunion is all I can figure. But I miss my grandmother who passed away earlier this year. And knowing I get to see her again and maybe even eat her 'flour mush' again...THAT's a good thing I choose to believe in.
(Flour Mush is it's whole. own. post... I promise).

We choose to get married in temples. Where we are 'sealed' together.
...until death do you part...
isn't part of our ceremony.


The Medford Temple.

Kids Medford Temple

My kids trying to figure out the compass engraved in the Cement.
Which way does that statue on top face? Oh, right, East.

It's Moroni. An Angel with a trumpet.


This is what the drive over to the temple looks like.

More Church Chats. And Dana Carvey in a Dress. But not my husband...yet...


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, Mormons are weird. Glad to be one.

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Weird but fab -- as in fabulous :). I've never met a weird Mormon individual -- or at least not any weirder than non-mormon individuals -- but your all's history is pretty colorful!

So, just so I'm clear -- you jumped in the truck & stopped it, right? And she thinks you did this because you're Mormon? Not that that isn't the reason - but I would have said it was because you're a Mom, and a good friend, and you don't panic. But I suppose those are all lds traits :)

You know, for a non-lds person, I have a lot of mormon friends. I think I must be just-enough-Mormon, and you all must be just-enough-not to make it a good fit. My Mom would say that maybe I was mormon in a past-life! ha ha hoo ho hee hee ha - get the irony?

SNOW?!? "Flour-mush"? I have to say neither sound very appealing -- but the snow looks pretty!

Love the church chat - I think you should make it a 'regular'.

Love from OH, Melissa

(if I'm not particularly religious, how hypocritical is it to ask for prayers? Boy, I could use a few right now!)

Mikki said...

Definitely a Peculiar People. I love being peculiar!! Those pictures are gorgeous! Did you enhance the color on those trees? Bee-yoo-tiful!

Susie said...

GREAT job saving a life! Holy Cow I would have lost more than 5 seconds from that one--that's for sure.
Oh, and great job listening to that little voice so you can hear the big voice!
What is with your friend? Why did she yell at you?
Oh, and great pictures too!

Wep said...

Incredible story!

Anonymous said...

Love that story. Today I posted about how God spoke to my son...go see.

Kate said...

You are a super hero! I never knew about your faith before. I feel like I know you so much more now. My husband and I juust plain old christian Jesus seekers, but we go to a church of G-d church. My husband grew up Mormon, and his entire family is Mormom, so we've been connected to the mormom church for quite awhile now. I'll talk to ya later!

Wendy_P_in_NJ said...

Yup, you're my hero. I'll never forget that. Can't remember what prevented me from jumping in the car. I think it had gotten away from me already, behind my back?

But I already knew you were a great friend and one of the best people I know. Did I really say that about you being a Mormon? Can't remember what prompted that. But I do remember hugging you, while we both shook uncontrollably. And we are not "huggy" people, you and I.

That story made me realize, once again, how much I miss having you here.

Love ya lots!


Wendy_P_in_NJ said...

P.S. Now stop talking about me! ;-)

Wendy_P_in_NJ said...

Another P.S.: What, in God's name, made you think of that event?

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

I just got chills. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Okie Dokie Cow Pokie...give it a shot. People are wondering what the heck I'm talking about.

Jacki said...

Ha! And here I thought only fundamental Baptists were weird. :-)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing. Way to share what you believe.

KatieZ said...

Good thing your rug was so dirty. Funny tho that the only way the spirit could think to get your attention was to make you do a little housekeeping:) Good thing you're such a slob! Ha Ha! I am a mormon and I know that I am really weird and it has nothing to do with the LDS religion! So now what do you think?!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!