I am Taking the Day Off..

Day off
Photo by betsymartian

I'm not really.

After all, moms don't get days off.

Or sick days.

It's just that. I can't keep up! I want to read ALL YOUR blogs. I do.
I want to read all the blogs on MY BLOGLIST up there...(and no one noticed my new navigation bar. NOT one, harumpff!)

So today?

I'm taking the day off. To READ. YOUR. BLOGS.

I would like a little help though. What I would like is to find some really great posts today. Some Stumble Worthy posts. I'd like to laugh and cry and then scratch my head and go....Hunh?

So if you could. Would you please comment or email me or tweet me or phone me -if you think you know my cell phone number- when you see a great post today? (Yes of course...if YOURS is a great post...I'd love to see it!)

After my read-a-thon today (and yes I need to get some sewing done...CLAIRE! Can you hear me?! I'm getting it done toDAY!) I will come back here and tell you the posts I found. The good ones. The funny ones. The Really stinkin' hilarious ones. What should we call this?

Carissa's too lazy to write and feels like she's behind and there is better stuff out there anyway-- day? -Too wordy?

How about:

If you find it set it free? (Oh..Gag)


Day of the Blog and Crazy...

Oh forget it. If you see a great post today. Will you share with me? I'll share with you.

This will get you started:

  1. TeachingChallenges Outside the Box

  2. KatieZ YoursMineOurs Beverly Hillbillies

  3. 4Tunate Days to remember(after) and Backyard Barber (Before)

See if you can tell which ones I stumbled and which one is a shameless plug for my sister's new blog??


Sarah said...

I've got it! Final tip complete! I like "the country road that leads me home" at www.eyesofwonder.wordpress.com (?) Jewel has beautiful photography, it's rather a teary-eyed type of post. I've been roaming far and wide over the web the past week, I'll have to rack my brain for you and see what else I come up with.

Claremont First Ward said...

If you want a day off, you should take the WHOLE day off from blogging. GREAT navigation bar. Excellent. Did you do it yourself?

Did you know that 2 of the Murray Quads (4tunate) are momo too? You can't get away from us, can you?

Kristina P. said...

Well, you can read through all the comments on yesterdays fun conversation!

Jenni said...

Your new nav bar is fantabulous!

I sumbit myself as a blog for you to read. And of course I will pass along any others I find.

But me, first. :-D

Claire said...

Ok, go read my blog... you will laugh... you will cry... you will find that I have a TON of giveaways going on and you will notice that my blog looks exactly like that bag... you know... the bag you are making for me so that I can be totaly hip and stylish and have a bag that matches my blog! Oh yea, I'm cool like that!
And if the stuff I emailed you was not the right stuff then I give up! I have no clue what you are talking about so just buy it all, go nuts, have a Tupperware Shopping day where you just shop all day long on my site and spend all of your money... you know you want to so just do it, do it for yourself... do it for America!


Naoni said...

Okay here's the first post from the lame 'o sis. No not the one with the new blog. The one that has totally not entered the blogging world. This post is exactly why. You have to take a day off from your own blogging just to catch up reading all the other blogs. I like reading the others too and then I don't have time left to make my own. Oh, some day. Maybe that can be my new year's reso. But for now I'll just read others!!

KatieZ said...

Thanks for the shameless plug there, sis. Preciate it.

Jess said...

Id like a day off and I'm not even a mom! :)

I posted a funny flow chart today, if your into anti Palin stuff ;)

Kristen Andrews said...

I want a day off, I am beat!

Mikki said...

"I'm taking the day off" she said, as she went on to post a regular post anyway. LOL
Sorry, too much work involved. I'm at the end of my day already and am just getting around to commenting on all the people I blogstalk. Haven't even got time to read any more, or even suggest one. I agree with Angie, if you're going to take a day off from blogging, just go all the way! :o) (although I would have missed you, so I'm glad you didn't!)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog on "your day off!" I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'll be sure to see what you have around here.

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Oh, days off.... lovely days off... You know, before I was a mom, I didn't realize moms don't get days off. Or even coffeebreaks, for goodness sake.... How could I not realize such a thing? Well,who knows... but what a shocker.

I have long fantasies about days off.... I think I might get one next June or so..!

(Oh, and fatgirlskinny: I would like to see lots of anti-Palin stuff. The woman drives me nuts. I have a guttural reaction to her. During the debates last night, I had to keep pacing around the first floor because I was getting so agitated... Anyways, you didn't post your website address!)

Penny Ryder said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog :)

Lula! said...

This is good...I need to do this...
genius idea!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!