My New BFF

LeeLou is HAVIN' a PARTAY!
She has nachos, and that awesome 7layerdip, and rootbeer floats, and I think she does a great hula dance! (That's her Halloween costume) Srsly. Go check it out.

She has giveaways (uh huh! free stuff). She has awesome templates. And Hello? Some of them are FREE? Yes. I know. But even better, she has Holiday Blogger Layouts for not a lot of $$. (If you hurry they're only $20.) I can't wait to see her President's Day Diggs. Oh Oh? Valentine's! Did I forget Groundhog Day? Who wants a header with a rodent on it?


She's very nice. And you'll love her designs. And I hear she is taking custom orders again...better hurry and get on her list, it get's longer than Santa's...

And if you'd be so kind. When you get there. Will you remind her that she promised to 'figure' out Twitter with me? She'll need this link as a reminder that TONIGHT is the Newbie Night on Twitter. Yup. If you want some help figuring it out, with just a few friends, join me on around 7PM Pacific. 10Pm Eastern. The tag is #GNOnb, my username is @Rogbark.

Want to meet LeeLou? See you on Twitter tonight.



Deb said...

and here i thought i was your bff... sniffle, sob.

KatieZ said...

I like the idea for the twitter NB. Can I play too! I'm not that new but I'm not that great either!

Kristina P. said...

I forgot about the newbie tutorial. I will try to pop in. Thanks for the reminder.

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