All the Glitz and None of the Fritz.

Time for some CBA fun.

What's that? Crazy-Blonde Award of course.

I've been having this long conversation with Ms. Blonde of TheDailyBlonde, mostly we talk about Pepsi vs. Mountain Dew. But lately we were talking about all the bloggy awards going around. And that it's hard to acknowledge them and then sometimes it's even weirder to pass them on? I don't usually display awards won, but then I feel bad...and I want to make up for that, then I feel dumb... yada, yada..

Anyways... we were talking about how the whole point of passing on bloggy awards was really about passing OUT links to other blogs and sites-- right? So here goes.

We've created this award. Folks can accept the award and use the button to prove it. Or not. Cool either way. Here's the deal. No passing it on. Just give a shout out to some new blog I've never heard of, when you feel like it eh? (You probably already do that's easy right?)

To start off this CBA:

I nominate the testosterone blogs in my life.
Yup. I have found 3 Male operated blogs that I read on a fairly frequent basis.

  • One is on a personal service mission, self appointed. He's amazing and he's a grandpa and his posts often make me cry, but he warns me first- so that's nice.
  • One is on a different mission, and he claims to have nearly = parts estrogen/testosterone, so he may not fit in this list.
  • One has self proclaimed 'spiritual balls'. And I really don't know how to compare that in the testosterone I won't try.

See if you can tell who's who....?

Please meet Mr. Marvin Wilson (@paize_fiddler on twitter). He blogs his spiritual thing over at
FreeSpirit. He cracks me up daily. And don't let the "I blog a ministry" scare you.

Here's a couple direct quotes...

I write stories and compose blog posts that are set in the real word, not some Sunday School class held in Disneyland. It's my calling.

And this little gem... I can't seem to let him forget it..

I'm not a preacher. I don't have the spiritual balls to try and tell other people what to do when it comes to themselves and their relationship with God.

Oh and he writes whole novels. Ready for some humor..? It might surprise you.

Next on the testosterone rollercoaster:

Is..... Mr. CoastRat... (see how I did that..?) Lance Myers is the really great guy and amazing writer behind the blog. And when he isn't cleaning up after nasty Queen Katrina's mess and aftermath...
He's writing poignant posts. (I love using that word.) On twitter he's @CoastRat

I totally love this post:
Train ran over my bike, mommy.

"As I went to cross the tracks, I got by the first rail OK, and then was stopped cold when my front trike wheel turned sideways and went “slup” down into the slot between the second rail and the pavement next to the rail, becoming instantly stuck tightly in the slot.

Here it was, my birthday, and I was riding my brand new trike, and now it was stuck on the railroad tracks. I was upset!"

The other thing I love is Lance's great pics of all the lovely bird life down on the Mississippi coast...

I would love to see the hummingbird migration... probably won't happen in my near future though. I get to live through his photos instead!

And that story you'll need a tissue for? It's this one. Don't say I didn't warn you.

He said they all cried too:

As I looked around, I saw that all of us Crew members were crying, the two Paramedics were crying, and the Medical helicopter flight crew was also crying.

Those moments were some of the most helpless of my life.

As for this last one...

He nicknamed me Mrs. Crabtree. So I nicked him right back. You may call him Mr. Ratburn.

But Jay will work. Or @halftimelessons on twitter. He is 1/2 of the mastermind behind
the very popular Mission:Mondays (If you hurry you can get in on it today in fact!) I think just for participating you get to be entered in some sort of uber awesome end of the year contest! Go. Enjoy.


Oh, and if you didn't guess by now, Mr. Ratburn is the self proclaimed equal parts estrogen and testosterone. He promises not to burp or fart while perusing the mommy blogs, so don't be afraid...

There you go. Boys? Feel free to pick up your award. Or not. Either way you are the first recipients of the CBA. Congrats.

Be on the lookout for DailyBlonde's turn to hand out the CBA... She's off Pepsi these days so no promises..



Deb said...

GREAT idea.

really, though, did you have to inflate jay's ego even MORE???

The Daily Blonde said...

OH what have we started here???? Now I have to blog about your blog and our button and meme's and mama's and daddy's......what the heck. It's MONDAY woman! This is pressure. Here goes....(PEPSI free for 6 days and feeling a bit jumpy)

Kristina P. said...

The only one I read is Jay's. I'll have to check out the other two.

Off to meet Jyl now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some great blog recommendations.

The Daily Blonde said... part in this is up...

Anonymous said...

Neat idea. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Har har. You two, you & Cheryl are quite the pair of cutups. Hey I'm taking my CBA award and stickin it right up there in my sidebar.

Cute post here, and I'll definitely go check out those two other testosterones. Hey Daily Blonde had all men in her list of good blogs today too. Sup with that? I recommended all women, and the women are all hanging out with all guys? Hmm. There might be a post brewing there.

Anyhoo, thanks for the shout out and the kind words, my dear. You's one of the very best in this crazy cyber-uni-bloggy-verse.

jill jill bo bill said...

I feel the same way! I love getting the awards, but I feel guilty, and then I forget I got the award, then that makes me feel guilty, then I leave someone out, then I feel guilty , then I have a nervous breakdown.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Very nice!!! And excellent nominations! Me likey!

Jessica @ Snarky Lady said...

I love the award. Very fun!

Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. Oh, and it's WordPress and I can take no credit. That all goes to the significant other -- I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to CSS. :)

Anonymous said...

Carissa, you are something else! I am so humbled to receive your award. Thank you, my dear! Now I will have to try to figure out how to add it to my sidebar...

Hey, I bought three more pairs of jeans over the weekend; do you know how to hem the cuffs yet? Please, please, please...!!!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Oh there are so many people to thank...
Me, me, me, me, me

Considering Deb thinks I have this huge ego I thought I had better not disappoint...

Thanks sweetie!!!!


Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!